The Whirlwind Months

It’s been awhile. Namely my absence had been due to the fact that my last 2 apartments lacked Internet. And that I’ve been busy living this crazy life rather than documenting it. But as things have begun to settle down (at least for a little bit) and I’ve yearned to track everything that’s been going on, I’m back. No guarantees as to how often but at least you’ll get, at the very least, a peak into this new life that’s just begun.

Last I wrote, I updated about Bry. The boyfriend. In October, after months of long distance dating and 12 hour one way commutes to see each other I took the plunge and moved to Austin.  We moved into a one bedroom apartment together with Lily-butt. It wasn’t the nicest place. A HUGE step down from my pad in Pcola but it included Bryan and together, we made it a home.

The next few months were filled with weddings, a Tough Mudder (I spectated as Bry competed), lots of biking, hiking and running and general bonding.

In December Bry graduated from Texas State with his Bachelor’s in Geography and a minor in Business Administration. Just 4 days later he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.


I didn’t say yes as I was literally speechless but I did manage to nod my head incessantly in an attempt to get the point across. A few moments later after tears, hugs and kisses he asked “So is that a yes?”, “YES!” I bellowed.

The next morning we left for Maryland to visit my mom for Christmas…

To be continued 🙂


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