A Big Surprise

Bry and I have talked about kids even before we started dating. Back when we were “just best friends”.  Though my choices for majors in college changed frequently (I have 4 various ones before deciding on Criminal Justice and sticking with it), my life goals changed often going anywhere from becoming an Interior Designer designing model homes to being a Preschool teacher to working hand in hand with a 3 letter agency in the realm of homeland security <— still a goal.  The one thing that never changed throughout it all was my desire to be a mommy.  I knew from a very young age that I wanted to become a mother one day and that that role in and of itself would be the most rewarding and the most challenging I could dream of.

After months of dating, already purchasing an engagement ring and planning a wedding before Bry officially popped the question and living together for months Bry and I had a serious baby talk in November 2011.  I’d had problems with infertility in the past and we knew that there was a good chance it would take us a very long time to get  pregnant on our own, if it was possible at all without fertility meds/procedures.  We were both ready to start trying with the knowledge that it could take well over a year, or it could happen right away.

We decided to go off BC. On November 13, I had my first period off BC.  In the past I’d gone off the pill and never ovulated on my own or had a period without meds. So when 4 weeks passed without Aunt Flo, we didn’t think anything of it.  We kept on living our lives as usual. We celebrating Bry’s graduation with burgers and beer, celebrated our engagement with margaritas and enjoyed our fair share of raw sushi when visiting my mommy over Christmas.

Before going to visit my mom I’d noticed I was getting up at night a lot more frequently to use the bano despite the fact that I wasn’t drinking very much during the day at all (I know, bad!).  I also woke up one morning to horrible swollen gums with we attributed to eating chips the day before. In Maryland, I’d sleep 12 hours a night and still be tired for a nap in the middle of the day which was very uncharacteristic of me. I figured I was just stressed from traveling and everything going on or that I was coming down with a cold. But the entire stay in MD my mom kept making pregnancy references.  “Are you craving pickles?” she’d constantly ask. Bry and I would look at each other but we were certain I wasn’t actually pregnant. We’d just gone off BC…

We flew home Dec 28th and awoke bright and early the morning of the 29th for a doctor’s appt. I’d scheduled it because I’d been losing a lot of hair lately. The comments my mom made over the past week rang loudly in my head. We’d bought a pack of cheap pregnancy tests when we first decided to get off BC and I decided to use one.  What could it hurt? Bry was about to start brushing his teeth and I told him I wanted to test with first morning urine. I asked if he wanted to stay in the bathroom or leave until I was finished. He said he wanted to wait.

I took the test and watched as the moisture moved across the test and a line appeared. I remember thinking “that line is way too close to the testing mark to be a control..” and then a second line appeared.  I stared at it stunned, mouth agape and then “I’m freaking pregnant!” came out of my mouth. Bry dropped his toothbrush in the sink and embraced me as I stared at myself in the mirror repeating over and over “I’m pregnant! OMG I’m pregnant!”

I took 4 tests before believing it. Bry even took one (the one on the left) to be a control. We went out to Walgreens to buy the fancy ones that stated “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. Sure enough, within seconds it blared back PREGNANT!

We went to the doctor’s as planned where they drew blood and confirmed I was indeed knocked up 🙂 My doctor assured me that the hormonal changes of pregnancy could be attributed to the hair loss and the frequent trips to the bathroom were a common symptom of early pregnancy.

In just a few hours our lives had changed forever. What I thought might not ever be attainable, was. The one dream I’d always had, to become a mother, had already come true.  In the blink of an eye our world changed in the best possible way.


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