A Sneak Peak

We were absolutely thrilled when we found out we were pregnant but both of us were scared to get too excited too soon.  Though it was inevitable.  I worried that with my past infertility something might happen and Bry is extremely analytical and was afraid we’d miscarry or in someway jinx it by telling anyone or making plans.  We had my first set of HCG run the day we found out we were expecting.  However, the doctor failed to ever get back to me and it was about to be New Year’s and a 3 day weekend for all the local clinics. I was nervous not knowing what the results meant and the receptionist who read off my numbers barely knew how to count.  I know how mean that sounds but she told us they were almost 6000 less than the actual count (which we found out many days later by a knowledgeable nurse).  Needless to say we were confused and scared.  Instead of going restless nights until I could speak to a doctor, we decided to walk into a walk-in clinic on Saturday the 31st.  You know, just to be sure 🙂

The doctor completely understood. First time parents often freak out over little things.  He calmed us a lot reminding us that I wasn’t having any cramping, spotting or other pains that would precede a miscarriage.  He drew my blood and sent us home to continue our wait.

Instead of spending New Years like most young 20s, we spent it like parents-to-be.  We ate dinner at Mama Fu’s a delicious Asian restaurant with fresh food and delicious choices followed by a movie.  “We bought a zoo” was actually one of the best movies either of us had ever seen. I laughed. I cried. I showed my true pregnant colors. We got out at 9pm and ate some Amy’s ice cream then went home to crash.  No worries, we set our alarms for 11:59pm so we could still get in our New Years kiss 🙂

The next morning we went to Bry’s parent’s house to spend New Years day.  The entire day was overshadowed by trying to keep the biggest secret of our lives and wait for the results of the blood test. Around noon, it came.  My results had nearly tripled! A fantastic sign that despite all our worries baby was growing just fine. We had originally agreed to wait until our first u/s the following Friday to spill the beans to our family but couldn’t contain it any longer once the good results came back.

Instead, as we sat around the kitchen table eating black-eyed peas and cabbage Bry started a conversation. “So dad, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?” I kept my head down with a smile knowing where it was going. I’m terrible at secret keeping. Everyone went around the table and then his mom asked him “Well Bry, what are yours?”

“Well, obviously I want to be the best husband possible and I also want to be the best father possible…”

A few seconds passed and his mom responded, voice slightly shaking “…wait?…” Bry: “We’re pregnant!”

The entire table tears up, Bry’s parents and his brother.  It was a moment we’d all been waiting a long time for. Next, we called my mom. She’d known we were going to the doctor about my hair loss and seeing as we’re extremely close, I had to avoid her for the 3 days between breaking the news and finding out. “Well mom, the results came back…”, Mom: “yeah? What is it?”, “I’m pregnant!” She was thrilled.

We waited until Friday, our first ultrasound to tell the rest of our families. The appointment was amazing! Everything looked great and baby was growing perfectly with a steady and strong heartbeat at just about 7 weeks. We were given a due date at the end of August. Another August birthday for the Parks’ clan (Lily: August 1, Bry: August 13, Me: August 14, My dad: August 15) and now baby.

And mama:


One thought on “A Sneak Peak

  1. SO EXCITTINGGG!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and all these amazing things happening in your life! I am also extremely excited to watch that belly grow!

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