Baby Goes International

Before we ever found out we were pregnant, and even before we were engaged! Bry and I booked a cruise as a graduation present to each other and an escape before the realities of the working “real” world began.  In early October, shortly before we decided to embark on this journey of parenthood by going off BC, Bry went to a GIS seminar on his college campus. I tagged along since we were leaving directly afterward for a weekend in the Guadalupe Mountains. While Bry learned about GIS, I researched cruises. I knew I wanted to go on Royal Caribbean. I’d only ever been on one cruise before, my senior year of HS with my mommy, and we absolutely loved Royal Caribbean. It also suited Bry and I better than the other cruiselines because it catered to an older crowd. Despite being in our early 20’s we are both old souls and find it easier to befriend older people rather than their younger counterparts. We’re more mature than most our age 😉

We decided January would be the perfect month. Right after gradation and the holidays and before our move to Maryland scheduled for February.  I looked at our options for leaving from Galveston since it was the closest port of call to us, only a 4 hour drive. Some of our options included destinations in St. Thomas, the Bahamas and Grand Caymens.  The first 2 I’d already been to and the latter Bry went to last Christmas. We wanted a 7 night getaway that would be firsts for both of us.  I found a cruise leaving from Galveston in mid January with stops in Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico (we’d both been to Mexico previously but never Cozumel). Bry agreed it sounded perfect and with the click of a few buttons I purchased and confirmed our caribbean cruise.

Before we knew it cruise week was upon us. We’d just found out I was pregnant 2 weeks beforehand and I was enjoying the loveliness of morning sickness and it’s 24/7 presence.  We left as scheduled with a few new goodies in hand: seabands, nausea meds, saltine crackers and peppermints that my father in law recommended.

Our first port of call was Honduras where we enjoyed a taxi ride around the island by a native guide. It was the only port where we got to learn the history and truly experience, first-hand, the life of the people of Honduras. It was eye-opening and humbling to learn that most never leave the small island, even to see the mainland of Honduras.

We had a wonderful day exploring the island and became even more thankful for all the places we’ve been lucky enough to see around the world.

Our second port of call was Belize City, Belize. We had tickets for snorkeling which luckily, I was still able to participate in despite carrying a baby (it was one of my mom’s Christmas presents to us. Thanks mom!). One of the things I really wanted to do in Belize was scuba dive but alas, you are not allowed to when you’re pregnant. So at the very least I wanted to snorkel the reef off the coast since it’s the largest in the western hemisphere!

Bry & I had a blast snorkeling! It was absolutely gorgeous. I still have to say diving in St. Lucia yielded much better views but the company couldn’t be beat in Belize. Husband and baby on board. What more could a girl ask for? As soon as we finished snorkeling the skies opened up. Bry and I just sat on the boat and talked to another couple who had actually lived in DC for awhile and both worked for homeland security (my dream job!).

Third port of call was Cozumel. We got off only for about a half hour or so since in Belize I was feeling the affects of the heat and started to feel a bit faint before the boat arrived.  We wanted to take it easy in Mexico and take advantage of some of the things the ship had to offer while it was docked (such a putt-putt!).

Despite our short outing we managed to find a gorgeous turquoise pendant for me to wear at our big wedding in October. It’s perfect!

The rest of our cruise consisted of a lot of lounging in our room. I was sick most of the time thanks to a never before experienced sea sickness (and I grew up sailing ever summer) thanks to pregnancy and a new knowledge of trying to hightail it to the bathroom before regurgitating meals.  We only went to formal dinner three times, both formal nights and the first night on board.

We had 8:30pm seating and being pregnant I didn’t last that long most nights. Despite big lunches and snacks of pizza and sandwiches with green apples scattered about I was still ravenous by 6pm so most nights we went to the buffet dinner so we could eat at a more reasonable 6:30. Even then I’d feel sick and often couldn’t eat more than some rice with soy sauce or pasta. I tried though! After dinner we spent a lot of time in our room watching CNN and Fox News following the primary. We don’t have TV in our house so it was a luxury we utilized.We also played a lot of UNO and surprisingly I didn’t read much since the rocking of the ship made me sick without adding reading to the mix.

Overall we had a great time though we’d never travel during the first trimester again. Lesson learned 🙂

It’s still hard to believe that the next time we travel internationally we’ll be a family of 3!



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