Week 15

Week 15 already?! Holy time’s beginning to fly! And I couldn’t be happier about being that much closer to meeting the peanut 🙂

This is the last week I can be lazy and use fingers to mark weeks. Next week it’s back to using the white board (gotta dig it out of our moving stuff) since I don’t have 6 fingers on one hand 😉

  • Total weight gained:  -1.5 lbs from last week? Still +1 total lbs from lowest pre-preg weight.
  • Workouts:  Four again. Swam 3 days and went on 2 long walks/hikes with the Lileroni. It’s been gorgeous here lately!
  • Cravings:  Anything greek. Namely for the yogurt sauce. Also french fries. Baby wants them, don’t judge! Fruit fruit, lots and lots o’ fruit
  • Aversions: Meat. Get away from me with that chicken! And mushrooms still. Blech. Fungi. And this is coming from a former mushroom lover. Now just the look makes me want to vomit into the nearest wastebin
  • Maternity Items Purchased:  2 more tops. That bump is a growin’! I’m gonna have to up my supply. Even my bigger pre-preg shirts don’t fit *sniff*
  • Goal for Next Week:  Keep up the exercise, eat more veggies! <— I’m keeping this one 🙂

Baby and I still love the pool. We’ve been little fish lately! Swooooooooooosh

Don’t let the form fitting suit fool you, there’s a bump there!

Seeeeee! Even black can’t hide that bump-a-lump

We had another OB appt this week. Started out sitting on a table getting gooked up with gel so the doc could find baby’s ticker. Apparently my placenta was being rather noisy and it was hard to heard the thumps over the whooshing noise but finally there was that strong, beautiful beat of our baby’s heart thumping away. Ahhh what a miracle. I replaced my gigantic belly band from my maternity pants over my belly and readjusted my shirt to find out WE GOT TO GET ANOTHER SONOGRAM! I was getting nervous when we didn’t do that first. The upside to having had surgery down yonder once upon a time is that the docs are more caution about my cervical lining which = more sonograms. Sign me up! And before you think I’m an irresponsible mama-to-be there really are no concerns since if there was going to be a problemo it’d have surfaced by now (plus I’m young as a horse! I mean, young and strong as a horse)

Say hi baby! (Excuse the blurriness. In an interest to watch baby wiggle & jiggle I ate a brownie before our appt.)

Thump thump. Thump.

Baby footsie 🙂

And then the tech asked “Are you going to find out the gender?” YES! We both exclaimed. “Well, want me to tell you what I think it is? Don’t quote me on it!”


Meet our beautiful [80% sure] baby BOY!

She looked around a bit more and you could definitely see the little somethin’, somethin’ in between baby’s legs! No wonder the past few weeks I’ve kept referring to baby as “him” and “he”. We go back in 2 weeks for our official anatomy scan but I’m bankin’ on the fact that baby Parks is in fact a boy.


2 thoughts on “Week 15

  1. hmmm from that pic i cant tell the sex either way, looks to me like the umbilical cord, but i dont see the 3 lines saying its a girl either!

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