Sweet 16 (weeks)

Week 16 was the most difficult emotionally so far. Bry got a new job, and some less than ideal offers for other jobs, I spent 4 lovely hours sitting on a hard metal bench at the DMV, etc. etc. Despite all the tears (I probably cried AT LEAST once a day this week) exercise was up and revving.  Instead of taking my frustrations out by eating my emotions, I worked them out.  Monday I topped my longest pregnant swim (1300 meters). I had the energy to keep going and the drive but Baby Boy kept kicking me “No mas, Mama. No mas” so I submitted and listening to my wiser half. The weather has been so stunning lately that I stayed away from the indoor pool and opted for lots of walking with Lily face. She’s adored it! She’s gotten significantly better walking on a leash too. Now I need to train her not to go ballistic every time a biker goes by (or our future use of the stroller). She’s a giant wimp.

Bry has today off so I actually have a swimming partner for the day. I’m excited! It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to exercise together. We did walk 5.5 miles on Tuesday exploring the zoo. It was fun! I love days where “exercise” is masked as fun.

Week 16: The Breakdown

  • Total weight gained: +.75 lbs from last week. This probably has a great deal to do with the bag of Reese’s eggs I managed to devour in the span of 30 hours
  • Workouts:  Five. 2 swims, 3 walk/hikes. Total distance covered: 2000m in the pool, 9.38mi on land
  • Cravings:  Chocolate. Hence the Reese’s egg episode above
  • Maternity Items Purchased:  2 tops, 1 pair of capris leggings and 1 pair of SHORTS! LOVE LOVE LOVE! All courtesy of my mommy. She’s a lifesaver!
  • Goal for Next Week:  Keep up the exercise, eat more veggies!!! <— HOLD ME TO THIS! No more Reese’s.
  • Movement: I feel him more almost once a day!
    Have you started to show yet: Everyone else says yes. I think I’m in that awkward stage between looking  like I overate on Reese’s eggs and actually being preggo.
    Looking forward to: Confirming it’s a baby boy swimming around in there 🙂


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