Team Blue

After the first few weeks of pregnancy, where I had this feeling baby was a girl namely because of two dreams I had that she was a SHE, I’ve had this nagging feeling that in fact, baby is a he. The first dream I saw my daughter.  Dark hair like mine and her daddy’s blue/green eyes. She’s gorgeous and looks every bit like the Lana Marie we will one day name her (because I am confident she will exist one day).  The second dream I saw her at a wedding. She was only a few months old wearing a white summer dress and a pink bow in her almost non-existant brown hair.

And then I heard of the old wive’s tales.  I was told at just 8 weeks how the constant nausea and morning sickness usually meant a boy. I read how with girls you tend to crave sugar, with boys salt.  Pregnancy made my sweet teeth disappear and replaced them with a new undying affinity for salt and SPICY. I just had this guttural feeling that baby might in fact be a boy. 

As time went on the feeling became stronger. Most of it was unconscious. I’d find myself absentmindedly referring to baby as “he” and “him”.

At 16 weeks we peeked at the gender and with 80% certainly Baby Parks became a He. I cried because I felt the bond. I felt the truth in it all. I knew before they told us.

At 18 weeks we had our official anatomy u/s and confirmed that we are expecting our first son.


We confirmed what we already had known. We’d be expecting Jackson Wyatt Parks in August 2012



I could not be more ecstatic! But I have to be 100% honest. There’s a part of me that wonders if it’s real. I felt so certain for the past few weeks and then I heard of so many other people having incorrect gender screens.  Being told they’re have one gender and ending up with the other. I will love all of our children no matter what, but a part of me wonders if in a few weeks we might get that same shocking news. That they made a mistake. I still have that gut feeling that it’s a little boy bouncing around on my bladder and playing hockey with my kidneys but there’s still that little part that thinks about those vivid dreams and wonders. We won’t have another sonogram until 28 weeks (10 weeks from now!). So until proven otherwise we’ll continue expecting Jax, singing to him and referring to him as our “little guy” and “baby boy”. I will say though that if we are right and this is our first son, I KNOW, despite the lack of females on Bry’s side of the family, that we will one day have that beautiful little girl I’ve dreampt about.


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