The Final Stretch

I want to overhaul my blog. I want to keep it and start writing more frequently but truly feel that I want the content to be a reflection of the new journey we’re embarking on, our life as new parents and balancing the act between athlete, mommy and wife.  I need a fresh face, a fresh name? and I feel like then I’d be back more often. Right now it just feels all over the place. So for awhile, this will be like a journal where my blog reflects my life, my thoughts, my feelings, etc. Who knows exactly what it will contain, per se, but bear with me as I figure it out.


I’m 31.5 weeks pregnant, 8 months and 32 weeks on Friday! I can’t believe how time is suddenly beginning to speed by and at the same time I feel like every week it’s a new milestone I can’t wait to reach. First, third trimester. Then it was 30 weeks because that felt HUGE (figuratively AND physically) and now it’s 36 weeks also know as “full term”.  I have a feeling Jackson will be an early bird and while I am so excited to meet him, I want him to cook at least 4.5 more weeks so he’ll be as healthy as possible.

I used to be terrified of labor and delivery. I was so excited about becoming a mother and then it dawned on me that while it was all fun and games creating Jackson and putting him in my belly, it will not be quite the same getting him out and bringing him into the world (if ya know what I mean). But maybe that’s why pregnancy is so long. To truly give parents the time to get ready for baby and everything that comes along with it. The past few weeks I’ve felt READY. Prepared for whatever is to come and ready to just complete our family of 4 (including our fur daughter).

I’m not naive enough to think it’ll be easy, fast or pain free but I know it’ll be worth every moment to finally see his little face, see what he looks like, his personality and what makes him, Jackson Wyatt. We have so much love for this little wiggle worm already I can only fathom how much love he’ll be lavished with once he’s really here.



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