Maternity Pictures

As a photographer, I like to document almost everything. I feel pictures are a way to capture moments and memories. Photographs are portals linking the present and future to the past, allowing viewers to be taken back to that moment captures in a series of pixels. One thing I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy was that I wanted to document this time.  9 months is a long time when you’re puking, growing and stretching, eating and planning your way through it but at the same time it seems like it flashes before your eyes. Especially once that new bundle of joy arrives. You forget about the past few months and are only aware of the precious little miracle that journey brought you to. I’ve tried my best through the past 35.33 weeks to document the changes in both pictures and words, to capture this experience to one day look back on and relive. For me, getting maternity pictures taken was a no brainer. This is the only time I will ever carry Jackson Wyatt in my belly. No matter how many pregnancies we have after this, none will ever be the exact same. None will ever include just me and our first born son again. This is one of those experiences that you will never get to recreate and so photographs are a great way to capture this fleeting time.

At 33.5 weeks pregnant I dragged my sleepy husband out of bed, made him dress up, begged my generous mommy to take my camera and instructed her to be “snap happy!” We went to a field by the daycare I grew up attending, right off the running path my husband and I frequent (in running shoes up until 33 weeks pregnant and now in walking shoes with Lily by our side). It was the perfect day: a bit overcast, cooler than the ridiculous heatwave temps we’d been experiencing and fairly unoccupied.

No professional photographer needed. No fancy clothes. No makeup and props. Just our little family off the beaten path capturing one of the most incredible experiences of our life.

I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. They truly capture US.


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