Practice Makes Perfect

The last few days have been insane. Friday night after Bry left for work I started having contractions. 2 hours of regular contractions that were about a 3 on a scale from 1-10. I called my doctor and was told to wait until I couldn’t talk through them, my water broke or I experienced bleeding. They were 30-40 seconds long and 2 minutes apart. I started running through everything in my head: I need to shower! I need to put the boppy in the hospital bag! I need to get dressed! I need to take care of Lily! I need to call Bryan!!

And then, they were gone. I woke up the next morning hungry, more than ready to hug and kiss my husband good morning and honestly a bit sad that our baby boy was still in my stomach, so far from my arms.

Bry and I took a nap and had breakfast then went for a 2 mile walk with Lily. In the midst of the walk I started to get slammed with contractions that were lasting just over a minute and were at least a 7 or 8 on a scale from 1-10. I’d have to start waddling as the contraction would come, then breathe really deeply, close my eyes and try my hardest not to tense up or clench my jaw. We finished our walk, drove home and ate some lunch. The contractions were still coming so we laid down and watched an episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. An hour later, the contractions ended as if they’d never begun.

I made it to 36.5 weeks pregnant, we’re guaranteed to have an August baby now and we’re ready any time he is. 3 hours of false labor later, I’m even more excited to meet our little man and ready for some contractions that will actually bring him into the world and into our arms. At the very least I got some practice on utilizing my breathing techniques during contractions 😉

For now, I’m loving and soaking up the moments we have left, just the 2 of us.


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