A Letter to My Unborn Son

Dear Jackson Wyatt,

There truly aren’t words to describe how much you mean to me already, how much I love you and how truly blessed I feel to be your mommy. I’ve dreamed about you all my life and feel so lucky to finally be so close to meeting you. In the past 9 months you’ve grown to be such a huge part of my life. We’ve learned to share a body together, oxygen, food, runs, laughs, tears, travel, etc. We’ve been through everything together, as one. You could make your grand appearance at anytime now from a few days to a few weeks. As each day passes I reflect more and more on the time we’ve had together already, from the first day I found out you were growing inside me to our first run together to the first time I saw your little face on the sonogram. I’ve loved every moment of growing you, of this incredible time together. You are the only person who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside and I love that we share that bond. You’re our first little miracle, our first son.  It hasn’t always been easy (I forgive you for the months of terrible morning sickness), but it’s been worth every moment. With this chapter quickly approaching it’s end I’ve spent even more time soaking up your wiggles and kicks, your punches and squirms, your little hiccups and your protruding baby butt into my ribcage 🙂 As much as I cannot wait to finally look into your eyes, meet you and hold you in my arms, I’m going to miss this part of our journey together.

I am so excited to finally welcome you into the world. You may be the tiniest and newest member of our little family but you are such a major part of it already. We love you with all our hearts. I can’t wait to experience this next chapter with you, to watch you grow into your own person and to rediscover the world through your eyes.  I want you to know that no matter what you do in life, we will always love you.  No matter what you become, we will be proud of you as long as you do your best.  No matter what road you take, we will support you so long as you’re happy. My only wish for you is that you become the best version of yourself, that you always respect those around you and remain grateful for what you have, that you follow your heart and seek happiness in every venture, that you give this life of yours everything you have and that most importantly, you always remain honest and true to yourself. 

I am so lucky to be your mommy and cannot wait to see what you become.

I love you with all my heart, peanut.

Love always,




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