Drop It Like It’s Hot

We were supposed to have our 37 week appointment today but last Friday my mom was tested positive for Strep throat. As a precaution, we got an appointment with our OB to get tested as well, to make sure I didn’t also have it (I didn’t). I won’t lie, I didn’t mind moving our appointment up 4 days at all! I wanted information. I’m impatient. I was curious if we’d made any progress since our appointment last Monday.

Sadly, we had not (still 1cm dilated, 50% effaced). I asked our OB if he thought baby boy had dropped. He said no. I decided I’d begin trying whatever I could to get the squatter to drop. Starting with running down all 5 stories of stairs from our OB appointment. Luckily, my husband is a sweetheart and was all for running down 10 flights of steps with his very crazy, very pregnant wife.

That was Friday. It’s now Monday. I’ve spent the past 3 days bouncing around on my labor ball, sitting on it whenever I’m not sleeping, rolling around. I’ve also stopped wearing my maternity belly band when going for our daily walks just in case in addition to keeping round ligament pain at bay it was preventing baby boy from dropping by acting as a harness. So far, I have no idea if he’s dropped or not or if I’ve just spent lots of hours looking like a fool. I figure it’s worth it if it *might* help! We’ll find out soon if my efforts have been futile (either by going into labor or from our next appointment Friday). 

I don’t know how much lower this little boy could get though. Looks pretty low to me…


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