Pregnancy: 38 weeks

Nearing the end! Still feeling great and sleeping like a brick. Made it back to the pool this week and walked every day. Covered 550m and 15.3mi (Bry stopped me short on my swim–he’s scared I’m going to give birth in the middle of a public swimming pool–silly man). No more braxton hicks. No real changes at all this week. I get ridiculously exhausted around 3 lately but an hour nap does wonders. Still averaging at least 8-12 hours a night. So ready to meet our baby boy and each day we wake up wondering “is today the day?” and go to bed thinking “will I wake up in labor?” But alas, each day keeps ticking on by. We’re enjoying our last few days as a family of two, going on dates and exercising before the postpartum exercise hiatus kicks in. Next OB appt is Fri. Hopefully there’s even more progress!!! After hours spent on the stability ball, walking and bouncing around this little boy better be moving dowwwwwwwwwn. Stinkin’ lil’ squatter.

Total weight gain/loss: 16lbs (+1.2lbs this week)
Stretch marks? 2 tiny ones on my hip
Sleep: Sleeping like a brick! Averaging 8-12 hours a night with an hour nap during the day.
Movement: Here and there, maybe once a week. Very slight.
Food cravings: Froyo and cheesecake (our birthdays are next week and I’m beginning the celebrations early!) Other than that I’ve honestly been less hungry lately. Baby is taking up a lot of room in there! I’ve been downing trail mix like I’m on a hiking expedition too. Soooo good. Just can’t get enough.
Belly Button in or out? Flat-outish
Wedding rings on or off? On


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