Choosing a Pediatrician

There are many thoughts and considerations that go into every step of pregnancy and parenting. One of those steps is deciding on a pediatrician.  For me and Bry the most important factor was that they were highly recommended, had good reviews and were friendly and responsive. We absolutely adore our OB/GYN. He’s funny, intelligent, experienced and has incredible bedside manner. He also happened to come with walls full of awards both from professional accomplishments to patient’s choice awards. We hoped to find a pediatrician who could compete.

Our second most important thing was location. As a one car family it was important to us that in the event Bryan had work (thus had the car) and Jackson got really sick, I could get him to the doctor without a problem. Luckily, we live within walking distance of 2 major medical centers and the hospital we plan to deliver at. I began our search by looking for doctors within our insurance’s network that were within a 2 mile radius of our house.

There were 2 major practices.

I called both and spoke to the receptionists. One had open meet-and-greets for new patients to meet the pediatricians within the practice. Unfortunately, their next one wasn’t until after Jackson’s due date. The other one was able to schedule us an appointment immediately with one of the 3 doctors in the practice.

While we waited for the appointment date to arrive I did more research. I searched reviews from current and previous patients. They were raving! I thought back to my own experiences with the practice (I actually saw one of the other 3 doctors for 10 years while growing up). I spoke to various receptionists to ensure they were knowledgeable and easy to interact with. The practice was great on every level so we waited to meet the doctor we thought would be best for us and for our little man.

Our first impression of the practice was a good one. The office was clean and open, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful and the best part, it only took a 5 minute walk to get there. We met our doctor a few minutes late but it wasn’t a huge deal.  He was apologetic and before our appointment time, took the effort to come out and greet us and explain that there would be a short wait and why. When we finally went back to meet with him, he was all smiles and extremely tuned into us. He made it clear he was there to serve us, whether it be answering any questions we might have, explaining the office practices to us or even finding out information he wasn’t certain about so that we would have the correct answer [regarding insurance]. We left very impressed with the practice as a whole and feel incredibly confident and comfortable with our decision.

The highlights:

-Our pediatrician was open, honest and knowledgeable. Like our OB who we are incredibly fond of, he treated us as partners rather than clients. He has over 30 years of experience and truly loves his job. His passion comes through in his practice which is something we really found impressive.

-Our pediatrician’s office is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If Jackson were to get sick on a weekend or holiday, we wouldn’t be forced to take him to the emergency room but rather would be able to take him to his regular practice.

-The staff is understanding, courteous and friendly.

-They take our insurance.

-It’s only 5 minutes (walking) from our house.

-Our doctor is not only available for any questions we may have but encourages us to inquire about whatever we feel is important (this is HUGE as first time parents).

-Pediatrics isn’t just a job for him but a passion, which is apparent when speaking with him.

Now, we just have to wait for the little one to arrive and see how our pediatrician works his magic 🙂



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