Pregnancy: 39 weeks

Covered 21.7mi this week! All walks. Jax officially dropped and we’re at 2cm, 50% dilated. We had our very last OB appt today. I’ve had a ton of Braxton Hicks this week. Sadly no real ones. I also have a strange soreness since I woke up yesterday morning underneath my rib cage on the left side (which is very strange since baby boy is hovering on my right with his legs constantly sticking out of my right side). Baby boy’s still bakin’ away. We managed to celebrate both birthdays without him making an appearance which we’re very glad about but are more than ready for the real thing so we can finally meet this little stinker. Eating has been terrible lately. Bags upon bags of trail mix, granola bars by the box, lots of meals out celebrating our birthdays and very little veggies. No wonder this kid refuses to come out! Still feeling good. Just READY.

Total weight gain/loss: 16.4lbs (+.4lbs this week)
Stretch marks? 2 tiny ones on my hip
Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ. Averaging 8-9 hours a night.
Movement: Lots of karate kicks out on my right side. You can feel his entire leg! It’s quite painful.
Food cravings: Chocolate, fruit, cold fruity beverages (think fruity iced tea).
Belly Button in or out? Flat-outish
Wedding rings on or off? On


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