2 Months & Counting

You’re 2 months+ old now and growing so fast! You have such a big personality now that shines through those big bright blue eyes of yours and your huge contagious smile.

We’re expected to get a really bad storm here starting tonight and getting ready bad tomorrow evening.  It’ll be the first storm you’ll have experienced outside the womb (back in July we lost power for a few days but you were still inside my tummy—we hunkered down at daddy’s hotel and watched Netflix for hours).  It’ll be quite the experience! Daddy and I have stocked up on canned food, 10 gallons of water and jars of PB.  We’ll see how bad it actually gets. The weather channel is predicting a storm for the history books.  I think my childhood puppy, Sandy, who went to heaven 2 weeks ago is coming back to say hello. Who knew such a sweet pup would return with such a vengeance?!

We’ve starting half marathon training and you LOVE it. You sit in your carseat in the jogging stroller and snooze away the miles as I huff and puff trying to push you up some monster hills. I love being able to share one of my passions with you even now, even before you’re able to fully comprehend what it is we’re doing.  And especially at this time of year, my favorite season, Autumn.  Yesterday we had a 6 mile long run that you passed out for the entirety of and I couldn’t help but smile at all the changing leaves and the crunch of the leaves as we ran over them exploring a new to us trail.  I’m so excited to share with you my love of the four seasons, my love for running, my love for the outdoors.  I hope that you share those passions and that one day we’re able to run together, hike together, explore together even when you’re able to make decisions on your own. On that note we bought a hiking backpack off Craigslist this week! Come Spring when the weather’s nice enough again and you’re old enough to hold your head up well on your own and sit on your own, we’re going to take to the trails! Daddy and I can’t wait.

You’ve become so much more vocal and you flash that gummy grin of yours constantly! You truly make my every day brighter and you’ve truly completed my life in every way. I love you more than words can possibly convey and I cherish every moment with you.  You’re so alert too! And awake for the majority of the day. You love to play on your activity mat, hang out in my lap making faces back and forth and sticking our tongues out at each other, go on runs with me and daddy and stare and the pages of your books as we read them to you at night. You’re so much fun and even when you’re having a bad day I thank my lucky stars for you and never forget how blessed I am to have you in my life.

You got your 2 month shots on Friday. It was so sad!! 3 shots in your little chunky thighs. The needles were about the size of your legs. I couldn’t look as they shot you, I just held you and tried to calm you. It broke my heart to hear you cry and know you were in pain. But you were a big boy and only screamed for a few seconds after each one and quickly calmed yourself once they were over.  We spent the rest of the day my favorite way, cuddling.  


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