The Diaper Bag

I wanted to wait to write this post until we had sufficient time to really test our diaper bag and see what we needed over an adequate amount of time. Now that Jax is over 2 months old (time flies!!) I’m ready to share what we’ve loved about our diaper bag and what we’ve found necessary and useful to have in it.

The Bag

After weeks of deliberation I finally added the Eddie Bauer Harrington Duffle Diaper Bag to our registry. I was unsure about it since we had a cheap bag from Walmart we’d bought when I first got pregnant. However, I’ms o glad we got this bag because it is incredible! We’d have hated the other one.

Find it here!

What we love about it: The shoulder strap is so convenient when your arms are full with a baby and other things. There’s no worry about it falling off since it can go across your chest. Also, it has ridiculous numbers of pockets. We use all of them! The outside side pockets are great for things that we need easy access to such as my water bottle, sunglasses, etc. The front pockets are great for hand sanitizer, baby socks, etc. The inside has pockets for the changing pad which comes with the bag and it great for changing Jax in public, 2 insulated bottle pockets and another zippered pocket. It also comes with a wet bag that we’ve used on occasion to bring just the diaper pad and a diaper + wipes on a run or for when there aren’t trash cans nearby. At $40 it was a great, affordable price. Also, it’s neutral enough for a baby boy or girl and for mom or dad to wear without embarrassment. Overall: 5 stars from us!

Next up, the things that go IN the bag.


  • Diapers + wipes
  • Changing pad
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nursing cover
  • Extra change of clothes for Jax (make sure that you change this out according to baby’s size and the weather! We found ourselves out of town with a diaper explosion through 2 layers of clothes and only a short sleeved onesie in our bag for 50 degree weather–not good! Thankfully we had a lot of blankets and bundled the baby up)
  • Receiving blanket (great for a quick cover over the carseat, to bundle baby in cold places, as a large burp cloth)


  • Extra bottle + nipple
  • Formula (we have to supplement. Read why here)
  • A hat for Jax
  • Extra pair of socks for Jax
  • Burp cloth
  • Bib
  • Toys (we have a pack of plastic chains and a soft covered book that he can chew on, read or make crinkling noises with)
  • Bobby pins for mama (soooo many times these have come in handy to keep my hair out of my face or out of Jackson’s little fists)
  • My wallet (I don’t need to carry two things around with me all the time–purse + diaper bag– and I’m always with Jax and therefore the diaper bag)


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