Must Haves: Month 1 & 2

Pamper Swaddlers: These are so incredibly helpful especially for nighttime changes. The color changing lines turn blue when baby has pottied so you can easily tell when he needs to be changed without having to wake him up completely undressing him!
Skip Hop Splash bottle holder: Easy and convenient to hold and dry bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc. Affordable, stylish and compact so it doesn’t use up much counter space.
Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol: Especially when breastfeeding baby needs a multivitamin. This one satisfies all his nutrient needs and easily mixes in a bottle with pumped milk or formula.
Huggies Disposable Changing Pads: These are necessities! I can’t tell you how many we go through a week between poop blowouts and crazy flying pee tricks. Babies are messy!
Medela In Style Double Pump: This is the best non-hospital grade pump around. Great for creating a freezer stock, increasing milk supply or for pumped bottles when mama needs to go out, back to work, etc. Conveinent, travel friendly and gets you twice the milk in half the time.

Medela Bottles & Nipples: We started with Advent bottles and were incredibly disappointed. Despite countless cleaning they still smelled like some sort of fumes and thus Jax refused to eat from them. Also, they leaked terribly! Any breastfeeding mom can tell you the last thing you want is spilled milk. You WILL cry over it. Medela’s bottles are easy to use, never leak and are excellent for growing with baby’s feeding needs.
Onesies with Mitts (like this one): Babies have sharp talons that are incredibly difficult (and frankly nerve wracking) to cut. These are so easy. Flip the mitts over and TADA! instant mittens. Plus since they’re attached to the onesie baby can’t wiggle them off (which they WILL do with regular infant mittens–babies move a lot!)
Receiving Blankets: For swaddling, covering the carseat from the sun or nosy strangers, keeping baby warm without overheating even nursing in public.
Nursing Cover: Provides freedom to nurse in public without exposing the girls while allowing you to easily see baby.

Later this week a post on post partum running! Stay tuned 🙂


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