Postpartum Running

If you’ve followed the blog for awhile you know I ran for most of my pregnancy.  Up until 33 weeks I was running about 3X a week for 4-5 miles at a time. After that I mostly walked though I ran/jog/waddled a bit here and there. I even ran when I was in labor (though I highly advise against it).  I was lucky that I was able to stay active throughout my pregnancy and therefore started my postpartum period with a fairly good running base.  I want to take a moment to say that what is expressed in this post and on my blog are simply my own personal experiences. I am not a doctor and I advise you consult your own doctor before starting any new exercise program.

With that said, I had a really easy labor as well. 3 days postpartum I was able to slowly walk around the neighborhood (about a 1/2 mile). At 3 weeks postpartum my OB gave me the go ahead to attempt running again. My first run was 1/2 mile long and it felt AMAZING! Amazing to be able to move without the extra human in my uterus, amazing to have a little time to myself, amazing to be out there again MOVING.

I’ll admit though, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. My hips ached a bit during my first few runs, my lungs were a little rough and I’ll admit it (TMI) I wet my pants a bit here and there. The things they don’t tell you about recovering from labor is that literally pushing a baby out of you stretches things and thus…well…your body is a little looser than before. That includes down there. So for a few weeks I’d leak urine a bit here and there. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal, though not convenient or fun.

From there I ran about every other day with Jax and Bry. At first Bry and I would take turns pushing the jogging stroller. I’d run a 1/2 mile while he’d walk with Jax then I’d take Jax and Bry would run and so on. At 5 weeks we started running together with Jax in his jogging stroller in the infant adapter.

Break to say we absolutely LOVE the BOB revolution jogging stroller. It’s amazing and has allowed us so much freedom. It allows us to enjoy an old love (running) while sharing it with our new love (Jackson). We were lucky enough to buy it hand me down from a friend of my mom’s for $50. What a steal. If we hadn’t, I’d have searching high and low on Craigslist. As much as this stroller is worth every penny of it’s pricy price tag, we aren’t exactly rolling in dough.

Now we’re 11 weeks postpartum and we run every other day. Wednesday/Friday we have shorter runs (3-4miles currently) and every Sunday we have our long runs (we’re currently up to 7miles). We’re training for our first race together! The Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in March.

I’m so so so excited about this race! And honestly training has been so fun! It gives Bry and I time to do something we love (run) while spending adult time together catching up on life (let’s admit-having a baby is very time consuming so this is great time to really focus on us) and Jackson LOVES it! We strap him up in his carseat, bundle him from the cold and set off for our run. He passes out before we get 2 minutes in and sleeps soundly until we get back to the car. It’s awesome! Sometimes he wakes up during a run and just looks around taking everything in. It’s so much fun to see. Family bonding time at it’s finest.


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