Fall/Winter Running Gear

Here’s some of the running gear I’m loving right now!

Nike Legend Long Sleeved Top: This top is awesome! Light weight, breathable and sweat-wicking which is a must especially in the cool weather. Sweating + cold air = illness. I love that these tops are longer so they don’t show your stomach when running. They’re relaxed fit so they’re incredibly comfortable and easy to layer in the cooler air but breathable enough that you can wear them in warmer temps too.

Brooks Women’s Infiniti Tight II: Breathable, thin enough to not feel weighed down in but thick enough to truly keep you warm in the dropping temperatures. I love the little butt pocket too 🙂

GU Chomps: Delicious, easy to eat on the run and caffeine free! (a must while breastfeeding). My favorite flavor is the blueberry pomegranate.

Thorlos Expedia Running Socks: The best! Durable, breathable, comfortable! They don’t slip down which I hate that some socks do.

ASICS gel-1170: I have 8 pairs of these in every color. I get a new pair every 6 months as the old ones wear out. I swear by ASICS and this line is great for my particular running stride.

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves: These completely took away any and all pain I experience from shin splints while running. Not attractive at all but worth it to be pain & injury free.


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