Cold Weather Gear for Baby

Rain Cover for Jogging Stroller: This was seriously one of the best $13 we’ve spent! It fits out BOB perfectly, is extremely breathable so we have no concerns about Jackson not getting enough air with it on the stroller and it keeps him from all the wind and cold while we run! Seriously even in 30 degree weather after an hour and a half long run we’ll take him out and I’ll feel his little cheeks and they’ll still be warm! Not even a hit of chill. I wouldn’t feel comfortable continuing to train with him as the degrees drop if we didn’t have this. I’m so glad we have a way to keep him warm and still train with our favorite lil man. It’ll also be great if we have training runs in the rain (though we’ve never used it in rain before).

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator: This thing is gold. With the temperatures dropping Jackson gets more and more congested, especially at night. Sometimes it’s so bad it sounds like a freight train crawled up his nose or he’s trying to breathe through gravel. It terrified me! Especially when he’d be struggling to breathe and trying to nurse. The nasal aspirator bulb you get in the hospital may work for about 10% of the boogies but the snotsucker gets it all! You’ll be amazed such a little nose could hold so much. I recommend using it with saline nose drops. Makes it 1000 times easier, faster and effective.

Thick Soft Blankets: We have at least 5 of these in various styles. Mama and baby love them! We started using them even in the hospital cause Jax is cold sensitive. We now have one in almost every room and an extra in the car. Keeps baby warm, super soft & snuggly and adorable.

Warm hat & mittens: To keep baby warm of course.

I mean really?! How much cuter could they get?
Fleece onesies: Adorable, warm and soft. A trifecta.

*We have personally purchased and used all items listed above and personally recommend them based on our own experiences*


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