From Newborn to Infant

Jackson’s just over 12 weeks old now and time has certainly flown by! Just these past few weeks he’s had major growth spurts (including gaining 2lbs in 2 weeks). As much as he’s the same baby we brought home from the hospital, he’s also completely different. It’s insane how much can change in just 3 months and how fast those 3 months fly by with a new baby.



When we first brought Jax home we were clueless first time parents. The first night he cried and cried, unlike he’d ever done the 3 days we were in the hospital. We tried to swaddle him. Tried to rock him. Tried to shhh him. Tried to feed him. Nothing worked except for cuddling. The boy wanted his mommy and nothing was an acceptable substitute. After 4 hours of trying to get him to sleep in his crib which was directly next to our bed, we finally gave in and propped 12 pillows around me and I slept with him on my chest.

From the get go he was incredible and so long as he slept on me, he’d sleep for 3-4 hours at a time.


Against all recommendations and warnings, Jackson still sleeps on me. I fully understand the danger associated with co-sleeping but I assure you, as his mother, I do know what’s best for him. I’m not a sound sleeper at all and wake at his tiniest movements. There aren’t any covers of pillows around that could accidentally suffocate him. I can feel him breathe all night long and am certain he is fine. Of course we plan to switch him to sleeping in his crib at night eventually but right now this is what works for all of us. We’re already starting to implement lots of naps in the crib and off of us so that he gets more and more used to sleeping on his own.



He pretty much slept nonstop. As long as he was in our arms or in the moby wrap he was one snoring happy camper.


He sleeps on me occasionally for naps but most are spent in his rock ‘n’ play, carseat or stroller. He loves to be rocked and sung to sleep. I don’t know why on earth he likes my singing because it sounds like nails on a chalkboard but hey! Whatever works.



Bath time was a struggle. In the beginning we sponge bathed him as he still had his umbilical stump and after that was healing from circumcision. He screamed bloody murder as soon as the clothes came off and the water turned on. Bry and I would play speed demons and wash and dry Jax as fast as humanly possible to get him back in the warmth of his clothes and our arms.


He’s still very cold sensitive but we’ve seemed to find a good system. Showers! I’ll bring Jax in the shower with me, put him in the newborn/infant tub and wash myself. He wiggles his way down and kicks the water with his feet. He loves it! He tries to eat it too. Then I pick him up and lather him with soap and wash him off. Then back in his tub he goes with the water spraying his little belly as I dry off. I watch him throughout. I then get his towel, wrap him up, dry him off and change him. Verdict? He loves it and no screaming commences.



Playtime as a newborn literally consisted of sleeping together and talking to him as he stared at us blankly.


He loves his activity mat now! We do a lot of tummy time, read to him, sing and dance together. He’s still not a big fan of toys and would rather have mommy/daddy interaction time.

Independent Time

As a newborn it was constant dependence, which was fine by me. But as he transitioned into an infant we could put him in his rock ‘n’ play so I could cook as he played around, lay him on his activity mat so we could eat with both hands or leave him in his pack n’ play so he could watch his mobile as I wrote out journal entries. I love the ability to have a little time to myself and the knowledge that he’s able to entertain and soothe himself now too. It’s a great balance! His eyesight is so much better now that he’s able to track us and items across rooms which is really fun!


He has so much spunk now! He will clearly show you how he feels about just about everything via facial expressions (he literally will stick out his bottom lip and pout!) and talking. It’s much more fun and better for both of us because he’s able to more easily convey how he feels and what he needs.


As a newborn I knew Jackson depended on me. He needed me for milk as I was exclusively breastfeeding. He needed me to soothe him to sleep. To change him. To make him feel safe and protected and loved. As much as he still needs all of those things he’s able to show his love for us more and more. He doesn’t necessarily need us as much as he used to. He’s become more independent but now he’s able to smile and coo and give these eyes that just show unconditional love. It’s truly amazing! As much as I miss our little 7lber, our 12lb smiling and snuggling baby is absolutely incredible. I wish I could pause time because it’s flying by too fast but at the same time it just gets better and better.


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