Sickly Saturday

Feeling a bit under the weather after yesterday’s early long run, an 8 miler (usually our long runs are on Sundays but turns out Bry works this Sunday to get Thanksgiving off which is a really nice surprise! So we did our long run yesterday since it’s colder with a chance of rain tomorrow and we wanted to get it done). Bry’s at a football game with an old friend (GO TEXAS STATE!) so me and Booger are on our own.


I had grand ideas of Christmas shopping while Bry’s away and I have the car. We got through Target and called it quits. Jax was hungry and dirty, I was hungry and stuffy and well errands with a 3 month old in tow are long and tedious. I wanted to get a Redbox movie but waking Jax up to put him in his carseat to drive to redbox to get him out of the car to walk 10 feet to rent a movie to put him back in the car to drive home to get him right back out again seems like much too much work.

I mean, could you wake this face?!

This morning before Bry left us to our own devices we were awoken by the noisebox (aka Jackson) at 6am for the final, I’m-Really-Awake-Now-C’mon-Let’s-Play! time. So we got up and spontaneously went out for bagels. Booger napped during breakfast (how rude) and blessed me with an hour nap when we got home and he was fed. We both crashed sitting upright on the couch.

I think I’m going to join the Jacksonator in dreamland. Have a great weekend!


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