A 1/4 of a Year

Woah time, please stop speeding on by! I cannot believe 3 months have flown by. A quarter of a year. 92 days. Our little boy is growing up and filling out so fast!


He’s becoming a little chubster (which if you’ve read about our difficulties with feeding early on and his weight gain you know is a VERY good thing). At his 2 month check up he was only in the 9th percentile for his weight but that was a huge improvement from the 5% he was in a few weeks earlier. He clocked in at 9lbs 15oz and just 13 days later, 2.5 months old, he weighed in at a whopping 11lb 14oz! Gaining weight about twice as fast as he “should” but he’s still trying to catch up. We seem to have finally found a balance that works for us between BFing as much as I can and supplementing with Nutramigen. Let me say, that stuff ain’t cheap. But it’s so worth it for that double chin, chunky little thighs and the most important thing of course, his health. Right now I’d say we’re about 50/50 for breastfeeding (a mix between time at the boobie and pumped milk) and supplementing. I pump after he’s fed if my girls feel a bit full still, if they’re full and he’s asleep or not hungry or after a run if he’s extremely hungry and too fussy to be patient at the boob (he’s become a lil’ spoiled with the bottles). It’s actually the best of both worlds and I’ve come to terms with the fact that he won’t be an exclusively BF babe. I’m just lucky I’m able to BF at all and thankful for every month we get through where I’m still able to give him at least some of my nutrients, antibodies, etc. Especially with flu season upon us.


As a SAHM we spend a LOT of time together. It’s amazing how we spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together and I still don’t get sick of him. As he’s getting older he has many more hours of alertness. It’s been fun trying to fill that time in ways that are beneficial to his growth and development. Right now he’s loving his activity mat.

He bats at the toys, grabs onto the crinkly paper at the bottom and kicks and kicks like he’s swimming in an Ironman.

He still enjoys his mobile that’s attached to his Pack-n-play and will bat and grab the animals. He enjoys his crib mobile even more though because it moves on it’s own and plays music!

Most of our hours are spent with him propped in my lap with us making funny faces at each other, sticking out our tongues, smiling and talking. I swear he said “I love you” the other day.

Every day we read at least 1 book. He really enjoys sitting up in my lap staring at all the pictures.

We sing and dance together almost daily. Lately it’s been to Christmas music which he really gets a kick out of.

He’s spent more and more time in his Rock-n-play just wiggling around watching me as I get back into the kitchen and cooking. I make sure to take breaks to tickle his feet, do a funny dance and I talk him through everything I’m doing as I cook and let him smell the various foods. He seems to really enjoy it.

He’s still doing tummy time but he’s an overachiever and keeps trying to skip ahead to crawling. He kicks and kicks and kicks and if there’s anything to kick off of he actually crawls! We’re working on him spending more energy lifting his head and torso up (he spends a lot of time doing it while laying on one of us and has excellent head control). He’s getting better and better at it when we try to focus him on lifting up his torso rather than crawling. He did so well the other morning he rolled himself right off the couch! He was fine but shocked both of us.

And of course the last thing he truly enjoys is napping on runs. He is enthralled with the glide of the stroller (maybe from all the miles I logged running while pregnant?), the sunshine (the boy loves lights) and all the new things to stare at. It’s really fun to watch him take it all in!

Clothes and Diapers

The boy has graduated to Size 1 diapers. Finally! And he’s quickly outgrown most of his 0-3 clothes (they are VERY form fitting now) so we’ve begun putting him in some of his 3-6 clothes. We need to invest in some more, pronto!

Fun Stuff

In less than a month we’ll be going on Jackson’s first plane ride! We’ll be spending an early Christmas in Texas with my in-laws. I’m so excited to show Jackson where he first began growing and where mommy & daddy had their first home together. I’m a little nervous about the logistics of traveling with a baby (like where the heck do you change him on a plane?!) but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Any advice feel free to give it to us! We’re also going to get family pictures done there which I am so excited for! I can’t wait to get some professional shots of his big bright smile!


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