The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Also known as, the busiest time of the year!

We’ve been jam packed lately:

We spent a week in Texas visiting Mamaw & Papaw (Jackson’s GREAT grandparents). Not only do I feel incredibly blessed to have met them and have them in our life because they’re truly amazing people but Jackson got to meet them and for that I am so grateful!



Papaw is 92 and still chugging along 🙂 Four generations!!


We had our big family Christmas (Bry’s side) while there and all the extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins got to meet our little munchkin

We also had our more intimate Christmas with just Bry’s parents, my BIL and his gf


We also fit in professional family photos in Driftwood! If you’re in or around Texas, seriously check out Chris at Fizbin Photography. He’s amazing! Talented, affordable, friendly.

838_10151233781371630_1200307265_n 68914_10151233782011630_312182008_n 156294_10151233781646630_1352900361_n 293208_10151233781206630_316225472_n 403767_10151233782031630_1217886037_n 528329_10151233781316630_1725638523_n 548711_10151233781531630_410278348_n

And even managed to stick to our training plan and got in 2 runs: a 4 miler around Town Lake and a 9 miler on Brushy Creek (our old stompin’ grounds). Granted, my body wasn’t too excited seeing as it was in the high 70s and humid as all get out. We had just gotten used to running in the 40 degree weather DC is currently offering. What a shock to our systems.

Jackson was incredible on both flights! he was a bit overwhelmed with all the constant attention and games of “pass the baby” while we were there and slept a lot. I mean 15 hours straight one night! Poor baby. But it did allow me to finish one of the best books I’ve read. Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong (Lance Armstrong’s ex wife).  I loved this book for so many reasons. Kristin is a wonderful writer, very engaging. I also loved that I could relate to her in 3 ways: 1) As an Austinite. She spends half her time at her residence in Austin so many of her runs in the book took place on trails we used to run on (including Town Lake!), 2) As a Mommy and 3) As a female runner. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, easy, motivational read.

We got back from TX last week and I developed a nasty cold that went downhill. It started with a scratchy throat the day we left TX and kept getting worse. We took the week off running and opted for laying in bed with Hot Toddy’s, tissues and lots of redbox movies. I’m just finally getting over it and am just now a congested mess (but at least no longer in pain). We plan to bust out a 5 miler today and try to redeem ourselves a bit. Sometimes though I have to put aside my bullheadedness and admit I need rest. I’m proud of myself for doing that last week. Being sick is hard and I used to run through illnesses but being sick as a full time mom of an almost 4 month old (RIGHT?! Where did time go?!) is a whole other ballpark. It’s no longer about me but about what’s best for Jackson and what I can do to be the best mom for him.

I wouldn’t feel right leaving this post without saying something about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. It’s another reason I’ve been MIA. Since I heard about the tragedy, I can’t stop thinking about it. It hits me like a tidal wave of nausea, fear but mostly, heartache. I can’t even imagine how the victims’ families must feel, what they must be going through. As a parent, the most horrific thing you can imagine is outliving your child. As a mother, my heart aches for those affected by yesterday’s events, and for every parent who has ever had to walk past their child’s bed, unable to tuck them in another night, to kiss their foreheads one more time, to hold their hand, to tell them “I love you”. Today, and every day, I’m thankful for those things that seem so small and insignificant but in actuality, especially in the wake of such a tragedy, are actually the most meaningful things of all. I’m thankful for another day I get to spend with my little one and the knowledge that he’s healthy, he’s happy, he’s safe. There are no words that could ever lessen the degree of pain those families must be experiencing, nothing to “make it better” but I am praying for each and every one of them, that they’re able to find some peace eventually. My heart goes out to them.


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