What Jackson’s Taught ME

I’ve spent every day of Jackson’s life with him.  The longest I’ve spent away was two hours (for a snowy run).  In his entire 5+ months of existence we haven’t spent more than 10 hours apart, total.  That’s a lot of time to spend together.  I’ve loved every moment of it and feel incredibly lucky to be able to watch him grow every day.  In these months together I’ve noticed that I’ve learned a lot from my son.  He may be just over 2 feet tall and not even 18 lbs but he has so much to teach me. It’s funny.  As a parent I always thought I’d be the one to teach him but it’s actually been me who’s learning from him.  Here’s what I’ve noticed that we can all learn from babies:

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin.  Jackson sports a double chin and a ginormous belly every day of his life but even butt naked in the middle of a public park he doesn’t feel self conscience.  He doesn’t care if his clothes don’t match, if he has food stains on his onesie or his sleeves are a tad too short because his arms are so darn long.  Somewhere along the way as we age we learn to compare ourselves to others, to feel uncomfortable in our own bodies, to judge ourselves harshly.  Why? We are each our own.  We are each unique.  We are all beautiful.  I wish that I could freeze Jackson at this age so that he never has to learn what judgement is, so his self esteem never waivers.  We can all learn from children, through their innocence not just how to feel more comfortable in our own skin but how to reserve judgement of others as well.  We can break the cycle.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. Along the same lines because Jackson has no reason to feel self conscious, he has no reason to compare himself to others.  He’s confident on his own, just as he is.  He doesn’t look at other babies and think “Man I really wish my hair was that thick” or “Your mama dresses you better than mine”.  He accepts each person as they are, including himself.

Eat Your Food Slowly. And use some as facial moisturizer. Just kidding.  But have you ever watched a child learn to eat? They have nothing but gums to chow down their food with and it takes for.ever.  It really makes me think about just how fast I inhale my food and how I should slow down and truly savor each bite. 


Never Give Up. It took Jackson months to learn to do something as simple as hold his head up.  It took even longer to learn how to roll over. And even now I watch as he tries with infinite determination to crawl.  To simply move from one point to another.  As frustrated as he gets, as exhausted as he looks, he never gives up.  He keeps trying no matter how many times his little head faceplants on his activity mat with exhaustion, he always picks it back up and tries again.  And just as his hard work and determination have paid off with holding his head up, sitting on his own and rolling over, it will pay off again as he learns to crawl and then again when he one day walks.  It encourages me and motivates me every single day to push myself a little further.  To stop giving up at the first sign of defeat.  To dig deeper and redefine the impossible.

Take Time to Snuggle. Or just relax. To play.  To unwind.  There are points in every day where Jax’s only desire is to curl up with me and snuggle.  It’s the highlight of my day.  Before him I was constantly on the go.  I never took time to just relax.  The truth is, time is fleeting <— another thing that Jackson has taught me, and if you don’t make time for yourself and the things you want now, you may never get the chance.  


Forgive More Easily. Admit When You’re Wrong.  I’m a Leo.  You know, the stubborn leader who can never admit defeat or wrongdoing? That’s me! My husband is also a Leo. It makes for very interesting arguments.  I’ve always had a hard time forgiving people.  I have a hard time letting things go.  Until I had Jackson, that is.  Jackson taught me that there are things more important than winning an argument, than holding onto grudges, than being right.  I’ve accidentally cut Jackson’s nail and made it bleed (mix that with flailing baby hands and it looked like a war scene), I’ve accidentally bopped his head on the freezer door, I’ve spilled milk on him and dropped his bottle.  But not once has he looked at me and cried to tell me I’m a bad mom or that I did wrong.  I look at him apologetically and I tell him how sorry I am and he doesn’t for a moment get a scowl.  He simply looks right back up at me and smiles. “It’s OK”.  I’ve learned to give forgiveness more readily because more often than not, the wrongdoing isn’t intended.  And on the same note I’ve learned to admit when I’m wrong because no one is perfect. 

Have Perspective.  When Jackson was first born the nights were endless and the days were nonstop.  It was exhausting.  There were times in the beginning when he’d cry 30 minutes after we’d just gotten him back down to sleep that I’d wonder if there was a mute button available.  I was exhausted and the feeling of being worn down physically was compounded when a baby was screaming in my face.  But somewhere along the way I realized it’s all about perspective.  Instead of having to wake up at 3am with a crying infant I began to see it as I get to.  And just like that the constant wake-ups became not just more bearable but enjoyable.  I realized that there will be a day, far too soon, when Jackson won’t need me in the same ways.  Where he won’t want to cuddle all the time, when just putting my arms around him won’t instantly soothe him, when I won’t get to see that wonder and innocence in his face on a daily basis.  So I’ve stopped taking this time for granted and started to see the good in what was once something I dreaded.  Sometimes, it’s all about perspective.

I’ve learned a lot since becoming a mom but what I’ve most taken away from this experience is that the days will keep on passing and it’s truly up to each of us to make the most out of each one of them.



At Home Workout DVDs

Lately the weather here has been horrendous.  It rained almost all of last week and this week it’s in the low 20’s and below with 20+ mph winds.  It was one thing to weather the weather, shall I say, when it was just me but as a SAHM I have Jackson at all times.  Bry gets ready for work at 4:30am when the moon is still in the sky and doesn’t get home from work until 6pm or later and it’s already dark by then.  Since running has been pretty much out of the question I’ve had to find other ways to work out, especially with our half marathon only 7 weeks away (holy cow!). Side note: I really need to figure out a way to run in the winter without freezing my child to death. There isn’t a gym here that has childcare nor would I feel comfortable putting him in one during flu season (especially since our insurance with Bry’s new job doesn’t kick in until March 1st).

Anyway, I’ve dusted off a lot of my old workout DVDs and some new to me ones that I’d never attempted before.  I have to say, I never knew a thin DVD could make me sweat or my muscles burn so very much.  My legs were sore for days after some of them, which running 10+ miles can’t even accomplish. Here’s a rundown of the ones I have in my collection that I highly recommend to anyone interested in a great workout that requires little more than a small empty space, a set of free weights and the desire to sweat.

Lindsay Brin’s Moms Into Fitness

This is a 4 disc set. The first 3 discs were 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester yoga and cardio/toning DVDs that I did and loved throughout my pregnancy.  The fourth disc I just tried for the first time last week and it made. me. burn.  It’s called “Boot Camp 2” and is designed for postpartum moms or people who haven’t worked out in awhile. Even as a runner and someone who has worked out consistently for years, the DVD made me hurt. In a good way, of course. It managed to target all of my trouble areas without even realizing it.  For me that meant the fat on the back of my arm that Jackson has become fond of pinching with all his might (ow), my inner thighs and my upper back (think bra fat).

The cardio & toning sections are short and sweet but really make every minute count.  They’re broken up into 10 minute videos (3 cardio & toning and 3 cardio) that include 10 different exercises for a minute each for 10 minutes.  Long enough to work each muscle group but short enough to keep you interested and your heart rate up. There are also 3 other sections: warm-up, cool-down and core.  The core section has 6 different videos working various parts of your abdominals in numerous ways.

moms into fitness

Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown

This single disc workout features two routines: level 1 and level 2.  I’ve done it off and on for about two years now and level 2 still kicks my arse.  Even though level 1 is “easier” it’s a wonderful workout.  Jillian’s created compound flow yoga moves to create a workout that is constantly working your entire body and keeping your heart rate up from start to finish. I love having this DVD in my rotation and use it 1-3 times a week.  Perfect for active rest days and requires nothing but your own body.


Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred

Probably the most famous of the DVDs on this list (and in general), Jillian’s 30 Day Shred offers a three level workout DVD that is created to blast fat, tone muscle and get you sculpted in just 30 days.  While the DVD is intended to be done every day for 30 days I’ve never done it for a month straight (and would never use this workout on back to back days).  Like all strength training routines, you need to rest your body and it is highly recommended that you rest each body part at least one day before working it again (abs included).


Biggest Loser Powersculpt

My first DVD ever and one that I still find perfect for a quick sweat session.  There are three levels to this DVD and you’re able to customize your workout to your ability, time limit, etc.  The DVD features real Biggest Loser contestants which I feel adds an element to the workout.  Whenever I feel like I am about to faceplant on my yoga mat I look at these real people who have truly struggled to get to where they are, never given up and are still up there kicking butt and it makes me dig a little deeper. It’s much more motivational, for me, than the fit models featured in most other DVDs. There’s a warm-up, cooldown and three workout sessions that can be done on their own or in any combination. Level 1 is the easiest and is 20 minutes long then level 2 is of medium difficulty and is 10 minutes long. Level 3 is supposed to be the hardest level and is also 10 minutes in length.


2013 Bucket List

Bryan and I didn’t write New Year’s Resolutions.  Actually, we never do.  Last year our only wish for 2012 was to be the best husband/wife and parents we could be! We don’t subscribe to the general idea of resolutions.  I, personally, feel that often people get so excited about writing down a resolution (or so pressured to) and then a month or so into the year, they forget all about it.  In the past I’ve written goals, such as last years, but this year we tried something new: a bucket list.

For 2013 Bryan and I decided to each create our own bucket list and to create one for Jackson as well for things we wanted to do in the coming year. We each came up with 12 of our own and 12 for Jax so that we’d do one from each list each month for the entire year. Some things are big, some are small but each are important to us and it’s been a great way to not just do things we’ve been wanting to do but to enjoy those interests with each other! (and our little man).

Here’s what they look like:

Daddy’s Bucket List

  1. See the National Harbor (specifically the guy coming out of the ground)
  2. Go to Gettysburg
  3. Go to Williamsburg + Jamestown
  4. Go to NYC
  5. Visit Mt. Vernon
  6. Climb Backbone Mountain (the highest peak in MD)
  7. Volunteer at the Fischer House (an amazing organization helping injured soldiers and their families)
  8. Volunteer for Inner City Kids (specifically in job readiness)
  9. Go to Philly <— CHECK! Did this in January
  10. – 12 : Still working on completing the list

Mommy’s Bucket List

  1. Try stand up paddleboarding (SUPing)
  2. Take a hot yoga class (yes! Bryan has to do this with me 🙂 )
  3. Climb Spruce Knob (highest peak in West Virginia)
  4. Try Crossfit
  5. Visit the Crime & Punishment Museum in DC (The CJ major in me—we actually have passes, just have to go!)
  6. Volunteer for Girls on the Run
  7. Volunteer with the USO (Another amazing charity benefiting our heroes & their families)
  8. Run in Central Park
  9. Take a Spin Class <—- CHECK! Done in January
  10. Run my first half marathon (13.1 miles in 2013 🙂 )
  11. – 12: Still working on completing the list

Jackson’s Bucket List

  1. Go to the National Zoo
  2. Go to the Baltimore Zoo
  3. Go to the National Aquarium
  4. Go to the Beach
  5. Go hiking (we even have a hiking backpack already!)
  6. Go to a baseball game
  7. Go to Brookside Gardens
  8. Go to a Little Gym class
  9. Go swimming <—- CHECK! Done in January
  10. -12 Still working to complete list

It’s been really fun to check off the lists and to enjoy things together that we may not have otherwise tried (I know if it wasn’t for the list it would have been a bit harder to convince Bry that he should sit through a 60 minute spin class after his first brutal week of 12 hour days at work and a 6 mile run the day before).  I hope to do this every year! Clearly we have to come up with more things for the list but towards the end it got hard to think of new things that weren’t too far fetched (such as taking Jax on a cruise or going to China <— one day but not this year).

My Lifestyle Change Journey

I remember when I truly realized I needed to do something about my weight. I was sitting in the bath tub and there were multiple rolls formed by my stomach. I was disgusted. Where the heck did they come from?! I tried to maneuver myself to make them disappear but there wasn’t an angle that I could find that could hide them. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and I knew at that moment that it wasn’t just about the surface but that my body was not healthy.  I needed to change.  I needed to do something, to take action to not just feel happier in my body but to be healthier as well.

263474_1970517142299_1342596_nThis isn’t a before pic (I’ve strategically managed to destroy all of those apparently) but it was towards the beginning of my journey

I didn’t lose the weight overnight just like I didn’t gain it overnight.  Nor did my lifestyle change journey happen instantaneously.  I started my journey weighing in at 135lbs on my 5’3.5″ frame.  I was addicted to soda, sugar and fast food.  Having grown up in a home with a single mom who didn’t know how to cook and thus often having take out or tv dinners for meals, I didn’t know how to cook and I never had the occasion to try.  When I first decided to reclaim my life I began researching any and everything I could get my hands on when it came to nutrition.  I submerged myself in it and I found my love for it.  I began saving recipes and began recreating them in my own kitchen.  Much to my surprise I wasn’t just a good cook, cooking was a hidden passion of mine.  I found ways to make delicious meals and with my newfound knowledge of nutrition and health was able to alter them to make them healthier.  I swapped regular soda for diet soda and then diet soda for sparkling flavored water then sparkling flavored water for crystal light and finally plain ol’ water was good enough for me.  The more I learned about nutrition and the more I ate healthier, the more I wanted to continue to eat healthy and the less I craved unhealthy foods.


I also began exercising.  I began by simply walking on the treadmill at the gym.  Then I added an incline.  Next I added in some running intervals.  I found the Biggest Loser Powersculpt DVD at my local Walmart and began doing it 3 times a week.  I’d search online for workouts and would do random ones I’d find on fitness magazine sites such as Self.  The more I worked out, the more I wanted to continue my journey for health.  I saw how much work it took to burn calories and fat that I mindlessly added to my body which motivated me even more to eat cleaner.


After 6 months I’d lost 20lbs, exchanging fat for muscle, a flubby tummy for a more toned version. But that wasn’t the end of my journey.  It’s a constant one that five years later I’m still on.  It’s a journey that will last a lifetime.  I still eat Chinese takeout, indulge in Christmas cookies and enjoy an ice cream on a hot summer night.  But it’s about moderation and about choosing the healthier options more often than not.


The most important thing I learned is that you need to find what works for you.  Not everyone is destined to be a runner, a crossfitter, a swimmer, a weight lifter or a yogi.  Not everyone is going to be able to eat salads everyday and be satisfied or happy.  It’s about finding a lifestyle that works for you.  If your exercise of choice is walking, DO IT! Walking is a fantastic workout.  Don’t think that you’re just walking either and that those runners out there are so much more fit than you.  If you want a turkey sandwich on wheat bread for lunch and feel intimidated by the low carb salad lunches of your peers, don’t. Everyone is different and as each body is different so is each lifestyle.  The only way you can truly succeed at a lifelong lifestyle change is if you stop comparing yourselves to others and truly find what motivates you, what drives you and what works for you and go with that.  After all your goal isn’t to be on a lifelong diet but to truly create a healthier you.


My First Spin Class

This past weekend I dragged Bry to a spin class with me.  I’ve never been to a group exercise class before, let alone a spin class.  I was nervous about what to expect but excited at the prospect of something new.  It helped tremendously to have my best friend there for support! Bry has taken group exercise classes before and even a spin class so it was even nicer that he had some idea of what to do. 


We walked into a completely empty room with bikes lining the walls. Bry immediately said “I’ll get you a bike.” I had no idea the first challenge would be moving a big ol’ stationary bike across the room. Thankfully I brought muscle 🙂 He set up my bike and then I faked confidence and went right up to the instructor and asked for instruction on how far back my seat should be, how high and where my handlebars should be placed. It’s insane how many components were involved in this class before I even mounted the bike. He was extremely friendly and understanding and helped me.  Bry even peeked over to get some brush ups on the how to’s as well.

Once the bike was set up I hopped on and held on for a fun and challenging 60 minute workout. I didn’t know what to expect going into the class but was pleasantly surprised. I loved it!

What I loved:

-Our instructor was really upbeat and fun. He’d break out singing in a high pitched voice during some of the songs (and he actually had a decent voice!)

-Our instructor knew I was a first timer since I approached him before class but never made me feel awkward or stick out like a sore thumb.  He’d make eye contact occasionally during some of the sets and mouth what I should do differently or that I was doing well.  Sometimes he’d speak it over his mic but he’d address the entire group, never singling me out which I very much appreciated.

-I have a very hard time staying focused. Especially when exercising in place (read: the dreadmill, stationary bike, etc). If I don’t constantly stay distracted, I lose motivation.  Spin class is wonderful in that respect because it’s basically a large interval workout so the sets are constantly changing which keeps your body and mind constantly focused and challenged. It was wonderful!

-The workouts were challenging without being impossible.  I loved it because I could challenge myself as much or as little as I wanted to and when I was being wimpy, I had an enthusiastic instructor to tell me to take it up a notch.  I never felt like I couldn’t do something or like I was wasting my time. The time flew by and I was decently sweat drenched by the end without fearing the inability to walk back to the car.

-It kept me going.  On my own I probably would have stopped 30 minutes in due to boredom and monotony.  I have a hard time motivating myself indoors. But being in a group setting really pumped me up and kept me focused from beginning to end.  Plus having an instructor was similar to having a teacher. You were a pupil there to learn and give it your all, so I did.

-I was pushed further than I thought I might be able to do and was pleasantly surprised I could indeed keep up but when I needed to take a break, I felt like I could without reprimand.  There was one set that had us biking in 3rd position in “wet sand” which was basically the absolute highest resistance you could still move the pedals at.  I’ve had really bad pain in my lower back all week and didn’t want to cause it to hurt any more since my boss works me 24/7, requires being held, carried and lifted often and doesn’t allow breaks 😉  (I’m going back to my PT about this but it’s most likely due to my pelvis misaligning again–pregnancy and BFing cause more relaxin to be in your body which makes it more able to get out of whack. Last month when I went in for knee and back pain when running my PT found the problem was my pelvis was out of line and thus tweaked it back into place. I think it’s popped back out and it hurts like the dickens). So for that section I lowered the resistance a bit and just did what I could without feeling like I’d further injure myself.


What I didn’t like:

-There was one lady who was directly next to me (Bry was on my right, she was on my left) who caught wind that I was new.  For the entire class she then instructed me on what I was doing wrong and what I should be doing differently. I’m sure it was her way of helping me and she was just trying to be nice (I was very polite to her) but it really made it difficult to focus and I could feel her constantly staring and critiquing me.  After awhile I just had to smile and nod so I could keep focused on the instructor.


I’ve wanted to take a group exercise class for years but I’ve always stopped myself and made excuses.  I don’t feel well, the time is too early, too late, the class sounds boring, etc.  But the truth is I was scared. I thought everyone would know exactly what was going on and I’d be the odd duck, completely out of sync.  I was embarrassed that I might not be able to keep up physically, that I’d fail in my own mind.  But I have to say I am so glad I went! It was a wonderful experience that was fun, challenging and a wonderful workout.  The best part though? I learned that I’m stronger than I thought I was and that the only thing to fear is fear itself.  If you’ve ever thought about trying a new class: DO IT! I bet it’s not as bad as you think either 🙂 And if you’re really nervous, bring a friend! It really helped me feel more confident to know I had my husband there to support me.

Disclaimer: I have taken a yoga class before, after I had foot surgery and was sidelined from running for m0nths.  I suppose that also counts as group exercise.  I did take that class by myself (though after a few classes I brought my mom to some with me).  I was more confident about yoga because I knew many of the positions before from practicing on my own (I’d never done cycling before yesterday, just gone on long bike rides or jumped on a stationary bike trucking along at a steady resistance).  In yoga it was different, as well, because the lights are dimmed, the instructor walks around and quietly guides you into the correct position if you’re lost and there’s no giant mirror in the front of the room for the entire class to stare at you, dripping sweat and gasping for breath 😉

Meal & Fitness Plan: Jan 27-Feb 2


Sunday: Cod, brown & wild rice mix served with mixed vegetables

Monday: Chicken fajitas served with squash

Tuesday: Teryaki salmon served over brown rice with steamed Asian vegetable mix and edamame

Wednesday: Mozzarella chicken served with whole wheat pasta and broccoli

Thursday: Turkey tacos

Friday: Sweet potato & black bean chili served with cornbread

Saturday: Quinoa soup + leftovers (usually date night but this week date night’s moved to Sunday for Superbowl WINGS)

week 20-26


Sunday: Spin class (my first ever!)

Monday: Bootcampt or powersculpt DVD + Yoga

Tuesday: 6mi Run

Wednesday: Powersculpt + Yoga

Thursday: 6mi Run

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: 10mi Long Run

A Day in the Life of a 5 Month Old

Here’s a look at how our Thursday went down. It’s pretty similar to most days.

After our usual 11pm nursing session last night Jax woke me up at 4am to nurse and get his diaper changed.  Simultaneously Bry rolled out of bed to get ready for work.  At 5am I had Jax content and back to sleep in his Rock ‘n’ play, threw on some sweats and headed upstairs to start the car. I opened the door to a winter wonderland. Freshly fallen snow everywhere. We got about an inch here last night and it was still snowing as I walked out the door. I cleaned off the car, shoveled our sidewalk and salted it and warmed the car. Then I drove my handsome man to the metro and dropped him off.

I got back at 6am and buried my head under the covers hoping for a 2 hour delay from Jax. No such luck. 6:30am, per usual, little man started to stir. I rolled over and brought him to bed with me to cuddle. We nursed and cuddled, like we do every morning and just laughed at each other. 7am I decided it was time to be productive so I got out of bed, let Lily outside, brushed my teeth and threw on some deodorant, changed Jax and brought him to the living room.

As he played on his activity mat, showing off his incredible rolling skills, I cleaned bottles, made a new bottle (the first one of every day I add his daily vitamin to), and made myself some breakfast and tea.  I ate while watching Jax attempt the Lotus position. He’s a little confused on how to crawl or even how to begin to crawl.  I checked my emails then got down on the activity mat and we played together.


8am he was ready to go down again. I gave him a bottle, changed him and put him in his rock n play for his first nap.  As he napped I caught up with a friend, meal planned for the week, and worked on the blog.

8:30am he was bright eyed and ready for round 2.  We played with some blocks and stacking rings, chew toys and practiced sitting all by ourselves. I snacked on some spicy snack mix, finished a container of dill pickle cashews and ate one of the dark chocolate chip banana nut muffins I made the other night.


10:30am it was nap time again after a quick nursing session, bottle and another diaper change (oh the joys of motherhood).  While he napped, I snoozed! Almost impossible these days but man I needed it.

11am: Round 3. Jax chewed on his activity mat while I entertained him doing the 100 workout. I modified it a bit and nixed the 30 minutes of cardio I was going to do in addition. I want fresh legs for this weekend’s two runs and possible spin class and I have some pain in my inner pelvic area I need to baby.  So my 100 workout looked like this:

100 jumping jacks
90 crunches
80 jump ropes
70 leg lifts
60 jumping jacks
50 crunches
40 jump ropes
30 leg lifts
20 jumping jacks
7 minutes of butt kicks/jogging in place, 3 minutes of suicides (snow = impossible to run outside with baby and I don’t have access to a treadmill)

30 minutes later I was sweaty and warm. Put Jax in his exersaucer while I pumped and stared in awe at the wonder and curiosity of my little boy. It’s truly a beautiful sight. I feel so blessed to watch him learn and explore the world around him. I also took this time to debate what to have for lunch. Our cupboards are pretty bare (tomorrow is grocery day) and I had a serious hankering for Chinese food. I finally decided to be good and have the leftover shrimp creole sitting in our fridge. I topped it with some soy sauce and pretended it was Chinese. Jax and I nursed then he had a jar of carrots and finished half a bottle before becoming really over excited. I knew it was time for a nap so I made sure he was dry, kissed him goodnight and went to the kitchen to bake. He cried for a bit and fussed then passed out.


1:10pm: Mama 1. Jackson 0. Finally sat down to eat lunch, let the pup out again and worked online.

2pm: Jax woke up (his afternoon naps are usually 2 hours but he occasionally breaks them up with a 30 minute break). We danced to Neon Trees pandora station, I changed him and we snuggled.

2:30pm: Someone’s still very awake. I decided to extend playtime and he was a rolling machine. He’s getting better at figuring out the motions for crawling but it’s still very far away. He tries to move while on his belly instead of using his knees. Then he collapses from defeat and exhaustion. Then gets up again, tries really hard to move, grunts for awhile, collapses. Repeat.

4pm: He’s finally down again. I pump, shower really quickly, let the pup out again and prep another bottle.

4:20pm: Up and at ’em. I change him, feed him and bring him into the kitchen with me. I make dinner and dance around as he laughs & chews on Sofie. We listen to music together. I eat another muffin and more snack mix.


5pm: He eats another jar of carrots (what a chubs! <— I mean this lovingly. What a change from the first month) and laughs with it all over his big ol’ cheeks, spitting pieces onto me. Motherhood is messy.  We play on my yoga mat on the living room floor and practice sitting up like a big boy while shoving big soft blocks into his mouth. We’re then reminded that we didn’t wait the 30 minute waiting period before play after eating and he promptly pukes all over everything. We then spend another 30 minutes in naked play mode. This makes for even more fun cause he can now explore his toes 🙂

6:30pm: I pick daddy up from the metro and we shovel dinner (vegan lasagna, mixed vegetables and a side salad) into our mouths while he tells me all about his day. Simultaneously I play keep-the-grabby-baby-hands-away-from-my-lasagna! I have some almonds mixed with dark chocolate chips for dessert. Jax gets another bottle and then I do the dishes one-handed since fussy-pants refuses to be put down. Daddy showers and changes out of his work clothes, I make him his lunch for the next day and take Jax to bed. I change him, put him in his rock n’ play and we read a bedtime story. I kiss his little forehead and tell him “I love you sweetheart, goodnight” as I do every single night since the day he was born. Bry and I brush our teeth and get ready for bed.


7:30pm: Lights out. Bry and I watch an episode of “Rules of Engagement” on Netflix, kiss goodnight and we all drift off to bed…until the baby alarm wakes me at 10:45pm for it all to begin again.