Our Anniversary Getaway

Since Bryan will be away on a business trip for our actual anniversary we decided to celebrate early by taking a short 3 day getaway. We went to a nearby resort for 2 nights and enjoyed rest, relaxation and reminiscing. It was heavenly.


Jackson didn’t think the bed was big enough

We ate delicious local food, enjoyed gorgeous sunsets from our amazing 180 degree view of the mountains


Enjoyed drinks for all


Went to a local winery



And even took Jackson swimming for the first time!

He was a little apprehensive at first but quickly warmed up to it and LOVED splashing around



He’s a natural born tadpole 🙂

And in true amazing husband fashion Bry even surprised me with an hour hot-stone massage at the resort’s spa! It was heavenly. As much as I missed my boys it was so refreshing to get away for an hour and really focus on absolutely nothing but relaxing.

The trip flew by far too fast and just like that daddy was on the road heading away for a few weeks. As much as we miss him, we’ve been soaking up some mommy/son bonding time 🙂



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