Our First Anniversary

This year has taught me so much about life, about love and about myself.  Jackson makes me the best possible version of myself, makes me strive to always be a better person, to give everything my all and to live up to all the things I want to teach him in life.  But before Jackson there was Bryan and that man has taught me quite a lot as well.

019 leveled

He’s taught me about true love, about loving myself for me, about being able to be an individual within a unit of two.  We’ve been through incredible things together: moving across the country, finding “big kid” jobs, pregnancy, having a baby!, parenthood, etc. Sometimes the road hasn’t always been easy but through thick and thin we’ve remained strong and used the bumps to build ourselves and our relationship to make it stronger and the good times to remind us of just how strong and amazing we are together.

Dancing 3

I remember when I first laid eyes on him.  I was living in Pensacola, FL and I knocked on the door of my friend, Alex, who lived across the street. The door opened and this adorable guy opened it with this goofy crooked smile and amazingly mesmerizing blue eyes. We just smiled at each other and started laughing. The connection was instantaneous but I could never have known then that that man would one day be my husband and that I’d see those very same eyes looking up at me daily from our son.


I had always heard the expression of one’s “better half” but I never experienced it until I met Bryan. He truly is the other half that completes me in the best possible ways (though sure sometimes we butt heads–we are both Leo’s after all).  From prepping me up through runs I have no desire to complete, let alone begin to telling me how amazing of a mother I am when I begin to doubt myself.  He’s always there, steady and strong and for that I love him. There really aren’t words to describe how much I love him and when I thought I loved him a year ago today as we stood in front of one another and promised each other forever, I didn’t really know how much capacity I had for love still to give. When we brought our son into the world, went through 19 hours of labor side by side, he held my hand the entire way. Without words he knew exactly what I needed from him and when. And when we first held that precious little miracle in our arms, I fell in love with my husband in an entirely new way. And every day as I watch him grow as a father, as I watch him play and teach Jackson, as I see the unconditional love he has when he looks at that precious little face, my love for him grows stronger. He’s my best friend, my confidant, my other half, my husband and the best daddy in the world.


I love you Bryan. Thank you for an incredible year of memories and for the memories our future years still hold.


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