Starting Solids

For a few weeks we’ve debated when to start Jackson on solids. He started showing signs that he was ready: staring at us intently as we ate, still begging for food after he was done with the bottle, etc. Then in the past 3 weeks he started grabbing at my plate when I ate, grabbing food OFF the plate while I ate, head diving into my food, guiding my hand with my food in it towards his mouth and trying any way possible to get big boy food into his belly. Then this week he started chewing. Not chewing ON anything, just looking up at me with those big blue eyes and chewing as if he had a big wad of gum in his mouth. It was hilarious! But it also made me wonder if he was trying a more obvious way to tell me to FEED HIM. The past week he’s also been horrible at night. He’s been waking up every hour to nurse. I thought it might be teething when 2 days ago he was a fuscapoop all day. Screaming almost nonstop, boycotting naps and generally looking miserable. But the next day he woke up happy as a clam…after an all night buffet again with the hourly wakeups.

We decided that perhaps we should try to introduce solids. Bry is still away on business but we came up with the ingenious idea to Skype the experience. So last night at dinner time Bry got onto Skype, we set Jax up in his booster seat, prepped him with a bib and the area with lots of towels and introduced him to the world of big boy food.


He loved it!! We started him off with homemade sweet potatoes pureed with mama’s milk. He gobbled it right up. He started crying when I stopped feeding him and would head dive at the spoon to get the yummy stuff into his mouth. He probably consumed about 2 tbsp in total which may not seem like much but was a lot of his little belly (he also had plain mama’s milk beforehand so he wouldn’t be starving before the new adventure).

The best part? He slept like a champ last night. He was only up twice in a 12 hour period to nurse. No screaming. No fussing. Pure happiness.

Most guidelines say to wait until a child is 4-6 months old with the Academy of Pediatricians and our own Pediatrician saying to wait until 6 months. While we decided to start Jax early I feel it was the best decision for us. Parenting is difficult. There will always we something or someone telling you how to do your job as a parent and usually telling you you’re doing something wrong on some level. But the fact is every baby, every family is different and I thoroughly believe a parent knows what is best for their child above anyone else. It’s about what works and what is best for you, your child, your family. And for me, I know Jackson was/is ready to begin solids and the change in his attitude, the return to the happy-go-lucky baby he usually is, to me, is a clear indicator that he was.


Jax is 3 days shy of 5 months old and while we have and will continue to introduce him to solids, he will still get 95% of his nutrition from breast milk and supplemented formula. I plan to offer him solids after half a bottle of milk at his dinnertime feeding and only then, for now. We’re starting off with sweet potatoes and next week I plan to introduce him to carrots, then the following week: squash. We’re going to begin with orange vegetables then move on to other vegetables (broccoli, peas, etc.). After a month or so, we’ll introduce fruits. Then a month later, protein (chicken, beans, etc.) We’ll see how it goes and we’ll keep you updated 🙂


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