5 Months Old

On Saturday Jackson turned 5 months old! Where the time has gone, I have no idea.

1 v 5
This month was full of travel, firsts and fun.

We traveled to VA, DC, DE & PA


Went swimming for the first time

Tried “big boy” food


Learned to hold his own bottle and to grasp things when I say “take it”

Rolled over on his belly and back, all by himself

Practiced new consonants and vowels

Learned to LAUGH and never stopped


Continued to grow his huge, infectious, sweet personality


& filled our hearts and home with even more love and laughter than we knew existed.

Every day I fall a little more in love with my little boy who is growing up and filling out far too fast! His infectious smile and laugh, his endless love and curiosity, his sweet and loving personality. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be called his mom.


Happy 5 Month Birthday to the sweetest, most loving little boy in the world ❤

Fun facts:

  • Weight: 17.4lbs
  • Height: 25.5″
  • Food: Mama’s milk, Nutramigen, sweet potatoes
  • Favorite toys: his stuffed giraffe, Geoffrey, Sofie the teether, his activity mat, anything he can chew on, his mobile
  • Toys he’s bored with: The swing
  • Other favorites: Swimming, music, being sung to, running, smiling at strangers, exploring new places, making others smile/laugh
  • Personality: Sweet, loving, easy-going, active!, curious, funny
  • Sleeping: Namely in his rock ‘n’ play. 3-4 naps (2-3 short 30 minute naps and 1 long 1-2 hour nap) and ~11-12 hours at night with 2-3 wake-ups to nurse & be changed
  • He loves to flirt and give googly eyes with his big smiles. It kills me. He knows he’s a stud at the ripe age of 5 months.

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