Meal & Fitness Plan: January 20-26

I’m going to start posting my weekly meal and fitness plans on the blog so if you guys are interested in seeing what we’re eating and how I’m working out each week, you can 🙂  Here’s what this week looks like.  I’m also going to try to do a food blog at least once a week so you can see what I eat each day.



Sunday: Turkey breasts, stuffing, creamed spinach and green beans

Monday: Shrimp Creole over brown rice

Tuesday: Chicken with oregano, avocado & roasted tomato salsa over brown rice served with mixed squash

Wednesday: Tilapia tacos on corn tortillas served with homemade Mexican-style rice and mini bell peppers

Thursday: Vegan “meat” and spinach lasagna with mixed vegetables

Friday: Chicken and vegetable stir fry

Saturday: Date night

week 20-26


Sunday: 6mi Run

Monday: 30 minute bootcamp DVD

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 25 minute powersculpt + 25 minute yoga

Thursday: 30 minute cardio DVD + 100 workout

Friday: 6mi Run

Saturday: Spin class or yoga

Note: This week has been 20 degrees and below with 20+mph winds (read: not suitable for being outside with a 5 month old) and snowy so a lot of my usual runs morphed into DVD workouts I could do at home.

If there are ever any ideas for posts that you’d like to see, or types of posts you’d like to see more of, let me know!


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