A Day in the Life of a 5 Month Old

Here’s a look at how our Thursday went down. It’s pretty similar to most days.

After our usual 11pm nursing session last night Jax woke me up at 4am to nurse and get his diaper changed.  Simultaneously Bry rolled out of bed to get ready for work.  At 5am I had Jax content and back to sleep in his Rock ‘n’ play, threw on some sweats and headed upstairs to start the car. I opened the door to a winter wonderland. Freshly fallen snow everywhere. We got about an inch here last night and it was still snowing as I walked out the door. I cleaned off the car, shoveled our sidewalk and salted it and warmed the car. Then I drove my handsome man to the metro and dropped him off.

I got back at 6am and buried my head under the covers hoping for a 2 hour delay from Jax. No such luck. 6:30am, per usual, little man started to stir. I rolled over and brought him to bed with me to cuddle. We nursed and cuddled, like we do every morning and just laughed at each other. 7am I decided it was time to be productive so I got out of bed, let Lily outside, brushed my teeth and threw on some deodorant, changed Jax and brought him to the living room.

As he played on his activity mat, showing off his incredible rolling skills, I cleaned bottles, made a new bottle (the first one of every day I add his daily vitamin to), and made myself some breakfast and tea.  I ate while watching Jax attempt the Lotus position. He’s a little confused on how to crawl or even how to begin to crawl.  I checked my emails then got down on the activity mat and we played together.


8am he was ready to go down again. I gave him a bottle, changed him and put him in his rock n play for his first nap.  As he napped I caught up with a friend, meal planned for the week, and worked on the blog.

8:30am he was bright eyed and ready for round 2.  We played with some blocks and stacking rings, chew toys and practiced sitting all by ourselves. I snacked on some spicy snack mix, finished a container of dill pickle cashews and ate one of the dark chocolate chip banana nut muffins I made the other night.


10:30am it was nap time again after a quick nursing session, bottle and another diaper change (oh the joys of motherhood).  While he napped, I snoozed! Almost impossible these days but man I needed it.

11am: Round 3. Jax chewed on his activity mat while I entertained him doing the 100 workout. I modified it a bit and nixed the 30 minutes of cardio I was going to do in addition. I want fresh legs for this weekend’s two runs and possible spin class and I have some pain in my inner pelvic area I need to baby.  So my 100 workout looked like this:

100 jumping jacks
90 crunches
80 jump ropes
70 leg lifts
60 jumping jacks
50 crunches
40 jump ropes
30 leg lifts
20 jumping jacks
7 minutes of butt kicks/jogging in place, 3 minutes of suicides (snow = impossible to run outside with baby and I don’t have access to a treadmill)

30 minutes later I was sweaty and warm. Put Jax in his exersaucer while I pumped and stared in awe at the wonder and curiosity of my little boy. It’s truly a beautiful sight. I feel so blessed to watch him learn and explore the world around him. I also took this time to debate what to have for lunch. Our cupboards are pretty bare (tomorrow is grocery day) and I had a serious hankering for Chinese food. I finally decided to be good and have the leftover shrimp creole sitting in our fridge. I topped it with some soy sauce and pretended it was Chinese. Jax and I nursed then he had a jar of carrots and finished half a bottle before becoming really over excited. I knew it was time for a nap so I made sure he was dry, kissed him goodnight and went to the kitchen to bake. He cried for a bit and fussed then passed out.


1:10pm: Mama 1. Jackson 0. Finally sat down to eat lunch, let the pup out again and worked online.

2pm: Jax woke up (his afternoon naps are usually 2 hours but he occasionally breaks them up with a 30 minute break). We danced to Neon Trees pandora station, I changed him and we snuggled.

2:30pm: Someone’s still very awake. I decided to extend playtime and he was a rolling machine. He’s getting better at figuring out the motions for crawling but it’s still very far away. He tries to move while on his belly instead of using his knees. Then he collapses from defeat and exhaustion. Then gets up again, tries really hard to move, grunts for awhile, collapses. Repeat.

4pm: He’s finally down again. I pump, shower really quickly, let the pup out again and prep another bottle.

4:20pm: Up and at ’em. I change him, feed him and bring him into the kitchen with me. I make dinner and dance around as he laughs & chews on Sofie. We listen to music together. I eat another muffin and more snack mix.


5pm: He eats another jar of carrots (what a chubs! <— I mean this lovingly. What a change from the first month) and laughs with it all over his big ol’ cheeks, spitting pieces onto me. Motherhood is messy.  We play on my yoga mat on the living room floor and practice sitting up like a big boy while shoving big soft blocks into his mouth. We’re then reminded that we didn’t wait the 30 minute waiting period before play after eating and he promptly pukes all over everything. We then spend another 30 minutes in naked play mode. This makes for even more fun cause he can now explore his toes 🙂

6:30pm: I pick daddy up from the metro and we shovel dinner (vegan lasagna, mixed vegetables and a side salad) into our mouths while he tells me all about his day. Simultaneously I play keep-the-grabby-baby-hands-away-from-my-lasagna! I have some almonds mixed with dark chocolate chips for dessert. Jax gets another bottle and then I do the dishes one-handed since fussy-pants refuses to be put down. Daddy showers and changes out of his work clothes, I make him his lunch for the next day and take Jax to bed. I change him, put him in his rock n’ play and we read a bedtime story. I kiss his little forehead and tell him “I love you sweetheart, goodnight” as I do every single night since the day he was born. Bry and I brush our teeth and get ready for bed.


7:30pm: Lights out. Bry and I watch an episode of “Rules of Engagement” on Netflix, kiss goodnight and we all drift off to bed…until the baby alarm wakes me at 10:45pm for it all to begin again.


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