Meal & Fitness Plan: Jan 27-Feb 2


Sunday: Cod, brown & wild rice mix served with mixed vegetables

Monday: Chicken fajitas served with squash

Tuesday: Teryaki salmon served over brown rice with steamed Asian vegetable mix and edamame

Wednesday: Mozzarella chicken served with whole wheat pasta and broccoli

Thursday: Turkey tacos

Friday: Sweet potato & black bean chili served with cornbread

Saturday: Quinoa soup + leftovers (usually date night but this week date night’s moved to Sunday for Superbowl WINGS)

week 20-26


Sunday: Spin class (my first ever!)

Monday: Bootcampt or powersculpt DVD + Yoga

Tuesday: 6mi Run

Wednesday: Powersculpt + Yoga

Thursday: 6mi Run

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: 10mi Long Run


2 thoughts on “Meal & Fitness Plan: Jan 27-Feb 2

    • I’m going to publish my entire “meal planning” how to’s and how we come to make our meal plans, etc. later in the week. But we try to stay under $150 a week. Sounds like a lot but groceries are expensive here! We tend to spend about $100-120 a week unless we’re getting a lot of toiletries too.

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