2013 Bucket List

Bryan and I didn’t write New Year’s Resolutions.  Actually, we never do.  Last year our only wish for 2012 was to be the best husband/wife and parents we could be! We don’t subscribe to the general idea of resolutions.  I, personally, feel that often people get so excited about writing down a resolution (or so pressured to) and then a month or so into the year, they forget all about it.  In the past I’ve written goals, such as last years, but this year we tried something new: a bucket list.

For 2013 Bryan and I decided to each create our own bucket list and to create one for Jackson as well for things we wanted to do in the coming year. We each came up with 12 of our own and 12 for Jax so that we’d do one from each list each month for the entire year. Some things are big, some are small but each are important to us and it’s been a great way to not just do things we’ve been wanting to do but to enjoy those interests with each other! (and our little man).

Here’s what they look like:

Daddy’s Bucket List

  1. See the National Harbor (specifically the guy coming out of the ground)
  2. Go to Gettysburg
  3. Go to Williamsburg + Jamestown
  4. Go to NYC
  5. Visit Mt. Vernon
  6. Climb Backbone Mountain (the highest peak in MD)
  7. Volunteer at the Fischer House (an amazing organization helping injured soldiers and their families)
  8. Volunteer for Inner City Kids (specifically in job readiness)
  9. Go to Philly <— CHECK! Did this in January
  10. – 12 : Still working on completing the list

Mommy’s Bucket List

  1. Try stand up paddleboarding (SUPing)
  2. Take a hot yoga class (yes! Bryan has to do this with me 🙂 )
  3. Climb Spruce Knob (highest peak in West Virginia)
  4. Try Crossfit
  5. Visit the Crime & Punishment Museum in DC (The CJ major in me—we actually have passes, just have to go!)
  6. Volunteer for Girls on the Run
  7. Volunteer with the USO (Another amazing charity benefiting our heroes & their families)
  8. Run in Central Park
  9. Take a Spin Class <—- CHECK! Done in January
  10. Run my first half marathon (13.1 miles in 2013 🙂 )
  11. – 12: Still working on completing the list

Jackson’s Bucket List

  1. Go to the National Zoo
  2. Go to the Baltimore Zoo
  3. Go to the National Aquarium
  4. Go to the Beach
  5. Go hiking (we even have a hiking backpack already!)
  6. Go to a baseball game
  7. Go to Brookside Gardens
  8. Go to a Little Gym class
  9. Go swimming <—- CHECK! Done in January
  10. -12 Still working to complete list

It’s been really fun to check off the lists and to enjoy things together that we may not have otherwise tried (I know if it wasn’t for the list it would have been a bit harder to convince Bry that he should sit through a 60 minute spin class after his first brutal week of 12 hour days at work and a 6 mile run the day before).  I hope to do this every year! Clearly we have to come up with more things for the list but towards the end it got hard to think of new things that weren’t too far fetched (such as taking Jax on a cruise or going to China <— one day but not this year).


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