The Week in Review

Short and sweet.

We went for two runs. I ran. Jax slept. 50+ lbs of baby + stroller + carseat is getting mighty hard to push up hill. My legs scream in pain. Helllllllllllp ussssssssssss.


We started sleep training. Really I should call it “put baby in his crib/pack n’ play for sleep” because he’s been amazing at sleeping (please don’t let that jinx me).  He sometimes cries for a few moments but usually he just kind of whimpers himself to sleep.  Then I find him sprawled out like this with his favorite toys.


We’ve now explored the wonderful tastes of sweet potato, carrots and butternut squash. Last night we gave him avocado in a nifty mesh pacifier. He went to town (I made him nakey first so I wouldn’t have to wash his onesie. He’s a messy eater).


This morning we played on his activity mat together and attempted crawling. Still not there yet but we’re wiggling around more and more. One day….one day.


He’s particularly happy when I join him on his level. “Why hello there mama, wanna join me in my fort?”

I may have already jinxed myself. Is it possible in less than 5 minutes? Booger is screaming and trying to claw himself out of his pack n’ play while simultaneously playing with his own toes (I’m incredibly jealous of my son’s flexibility. It makes me want to do more yoga so I can even touch my own toes). Show off.

Hope y’all had a wonderful week. Happy Friday!


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