Super Weekend

This weekend flew by particularly fast.  It feels like we got a lot accomplished yet didn’t do anything, all at the same time.

Saturday we ran a few errands including getting Bry some more work pants and picking up some liquid libations for Sunday’s game (OK that was just an excuse for Bry to drink because even though I’m a born & raised Marylander we are not Ravens fans).  I somehow managed to forget to bring the diaper bag that was sitting 2 inches in front of the door when we left so we had to forgo grocery shopping in order to get home to feed Jax and change him.  By this point Bry and I were pretty spent and the idea of venturing back out and fighting people at the grocery store seemed very unappealing so we decided to order Chinese food instead 🙂 The rest of the day was spent napping


Watching movies, playing board games and enjoying each other’s company.



Sunday Bry did a few training modules for work while I ironed his work clothes (we have a really rewarding system where every week I iron all his work clothes because he despises ironing and it takes him 235813098509135 years to do <— he’s a perfectionist, and in exchange he gives me a 30 minute massage. Win win!)  I also FINALLY got around to setting up Jackson’s 529 account.  When Jax woke up from his first nap we headed out to Target and the grocery store.  Poor baby fell asleep in the Ergo while Bry and I shopped. 

We picked up a pair of hair clippers from Target for Bry and I attempted my first ever human haircut. I’d have to say it didn’t turn out too shabby! Much better than my first attempts at doggy haircuts (thank goodness). Lily also got trimmed yesterday since the floor was already covered in fur hair.  Then I prepped baby food for the week: Peas and sweet potatoes! I’ll probably end up making some carrots midway through the week as well.

Speaking of peas….someone has found his new favorite food!


IMG_4780Mmmm that’s the stuff

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Back to the grind.


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