Back in the Groove

Jax and I set out for our longest run in 3 weeks today.  We’ve been winter wimps lately.  Health trumps training runs, especially with a bambino.  It’s going to be very interesting lining up for my first half marathon come March.

6 miles done on our current favorite trail (namely because it’s the easiest one to get to)


I’m not sure what’s been going on lately but my last few runs have been rather speedy (for me).  I’m not trying to go fast at all. In fact, I’ve been trying to go slower.  Perhaps it’s the weather? Or the break of longer runs? Today’s run was the first one in awhile where I felt strong and solid.  It was also my fastest run to date.  We average 10:28min/miles (We run 1 mile, walk 4 minutes, repeat to end).  I just let my body dictate our pace.  Today it said “let’s zooooooooooooooom”.

In other news Jackson has found a new foot fetish.  He really thinks his toes look mighty tasty.

Apparently he thinks the mirror flower on his exersaucer is also intended to be used as a chew toy

It’s back to adult responsibilities for me, including taxes, vet & doctor appointments and changing benefits.  It may take awhile, especially since little man seems to have taken possession of my arm.


He is indeed chewing on his thumb while simultaneously holding my arm captive.

Hope you’re enjoying your hump day! 


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