Fitting It In

Sometimes I feel like I have a million things to do and zero time to get it all done.  I know plenty of you can relate. More often than not, it’s exercise that I seem to be unable to fit in.  There are countless bottles that need to be made or cleaned, dishes to be done or put away, laundry to be washed, dried and folded, work clothes to be ironed, babies to be played with, changed, fed and loved on, puppies to be fed and walked, food to be made and consumed, etc.  It’s a never ending cycle.

This week was especially jam packed.  It didn’t help that Monday Jax and I spent 3 hours sitting in a sushi restaurant waiting for AAA because my car randomly wouldn’t start.  Or that yesterday we spent 3 hours without electricity because of howling 29mph winds.  Every day this week I’ve looked at the clock and wondered how in the world it’s 5pm already and I’ve only made it 3 items down on my “to do” list.  In the midst of everything I managed to get two six milers in, which I’m proud of, but 2/7 days of exercise isn’t great. Especially with a half marathon in 5 weeks.

Today I decided to act on my good intentions.  When Jax woke up from his first nap, instead of doing 1001 things I turned on one of my workout DVDs and I busted out 30 minutes of bootcamp.  Sure there was lots of play time in between, doing crunches while tossing a ball back and forth with Jax and baby kiss pushups but I got it done.  I had plans to go out with my mom shopping for some new clothes for her after her brunch date this morning and decided to be more proactive.  Instead of sitting at home waiting for her to come pick us up (Bry took the car to work this morning since the metro doesn’t run until after he has to be in), I decided to run to her.  I suited Jax up and placed him in the jogging stroller and we covered just over 3 miles running and another mile walk up a never-ending hill.

I rewarded myself with a fresh juiced drink from Whole Foods when we arrived (I had to get some other stuff there for a Valentine’s Day project for Bry, some things for dinner tonight and have been craving one).


Fresh kale, apple, carrot, celery and cucumber. Yummmmy!


I’ve learned the older I get the more busy I’ll become.  The reason that people seem to gain weight as they age is that they become less active.  Life simply gets in the way.  That’s why we have to learn to make time for exercise because it’s as important as a lunch date with a good friend or a doctor’s appointment (heck more exercise could prevent the need for future doctor’s appointments).  If I make time I’ll most likely come to the realization that I have a bit more time than I thought.  The only workouts I’ve ever regretted were the ones I missed (and the ones that made me sick 😉 ).

We’re off to our friend’s house to celebrate the Chinese New Year with authentic Chinese food (my friend is from China and her mom is here visiting her from China for 5 months).  They have an adorable 3 month old son that is Jackson’s good friend. 


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