Life Lately

This week was hectic in our household.  There’s a lot of huge, potentially life-changing things that are up in the air right now.  I’ll fill you in when we’ve come to a conclusion and have a little more focus regarding everything.

In other news, we finally jumped back on the double-digit train.  10miles! I’m feeling a little better about that half Mary in under 4 weeks.  However, my knees are been giving me a ton of trouble lately. I’m going to see a PT about them (again) but am just crossing my fingers they hold out until the race is over. Prettttttttttttttty please.


Notice what’s in the background? I finally bit the bullet and decided on Jackson’s new big boy carseat.  Our current one, the Graco Snugride 22 only goes up to 22lbs and chubster is quickly approaching that at just over 19lbs.  It took a lot of time and consideration (and guts to press purchase on Amazon) to figure out which carseat to go with but I finally decided on the Diono Radian XT.  It was moderately priced among other convertible carseats (at a jaw dropping $230), is a top pick for safety rating, is rear-facing up to 40lbs and can be used in the forward facing and booster positions afterward for up to 120lbs! I guess it’s finally time to transition to running with Jax in the jogging stroller sans carseat (goodbye extra 25lbs, and goodbye precious baby face that I get to stare into for miles on end 😦 ). 

Jackson’s dangerously close to crawling.  It scares the bonkers out of me. I’m not ready! Though the mobility won’t be much different seeing as he’s a rolling machine and just rolls all over the floor and across rooms now. 

He’s also discovered Lily and seeing them together melts my heart. Lily licks his feet and Jax kicks her in the face with excitement.  Somehow they both find it mutually beneficial. 

We had Lily’s annual this week.  She’s still a little ham and is healthy as a horse.  Jax was worn out from laughing while Lily ran around the vet’s office trying to avoid being shanked by her annual shots.


He wanted to hold hands 🙂

I’ve done a fantastic job of avoiding almost all exercise this  past week. We got in 2 runs and that’s about it.  It’s amazing what cold weather and stress exhaustion can do to a person.  Time to jump back on the train and get back into it….right after a doctor appointment and a trip to the grocery store. Our fridge is looking mighty bare these days.


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