Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend flew by!  Saturday we celebrated my mommy’s birthday at Outback Steakhouse then came home to continue celebrating with dessert and board games.  We had a pretty low-key day otherwise, filled with cleaning the house, Redbox movies (“End of Watch” <— REALLY good movie. I definitely recommend it and “Seven Psychopaths” <— I fell asleep within the first 5 minutes because it was 9 pm and thus 2 hours past my bedtime) and reading in bed.


The upside to teething is that I’ve gotten lots of extra snuggles with my little cuddle-bear 🙂

Sunday we ran 6.25 miles.  I wasn’t feeling it at all but about a mile in I got into auto pilot and sailed along. Bry’s starting to feel his lack of training in the runs so we’ve been taking them at his pace.

Jax showed off his new favorite chew toy

IMG_20130220_103724 - Copy

We did some more chores around the house, ate ate and ate some more then called it an early night.
Today involved errands, some work related injuries

IMG_20130225_124408(1)I guess it’s finally time to install the new carseat…

and snuggle time



Time to start dinner! And shower some pureed green beans and baby puke out of my hair…


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