6 Month Check-up

This morning (18 days late) we had Jack’s 6 month check-up with his pediatrician.

How’d it go?

He’s 28.5″ tall which puts him in the 94th percentile!!! My little giant.

He’s 19.6lbs which puts him in the 74th percentile for weight.

And his big ol’ noggin’ was in the 93rd percentile! It’s amazing I pushed that thing outta me. I must be superwoman 😉


Basically, he’s a healthy and happy mini mammoth 🙂

He also had to get SIX!!! Yes you read that right, 6, shots. Poor little man. 3 shots in they really started to hurt and he started busting out the water works. Luckily it only lasted a minute and then he passed out on my chest for our walk home.  Today will consist of lots of cuddles and spoiling. He was such a big boy today!


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