Growing Up Too Fast

Jack has had both his front bottom teeth for a few weeks now.  When they first started coming in, I was so excited!  What a milestone!  I’d imagined my constantly smiling little man sporting 2 pearly whites in the center of those gummy grins he continuously gives.  Just as I imagined, it’s heartbreakingly adorable.  He’s a stud.


At the same time though, my heart breaks a little every time he flashes that killer smile of his.  It’s a real, permanent reminder of just how fast he’s growing up.  Gone forever are those gummy grins of a newborn.  His smile will just continue to fill with more and more teeth and the rest of him will continue to change as he grows up.

It’s such a weird feeling to be a mama and watch your children grow.  You imagine it all your life.  You can’t wait to meet your child during pregnancy and finally see what they look like.  They they come into the world and they’re even more amazing than your wildest dreams could have ever created.  Time goes by and they get bigger and taller and start smiling, laughing, wiggling.  Their personalities grow to reflect their growing bodies.  They become little people of their own.  It’s the most amazing experience in the world to watch your child grow.  You brought them into the world and you’re responsible for directing them the right way, teaching them about the world around them and guiding them to become great people who will make a difference in their lifetime.  Your heart fills with pride as they smile at strangers and flirt with other babies.  You see the goodness and innocence in their eyes, their smiles, their beings.  You created this little person and my how they are growing so fast and into such amazing people in such a short time.


And then you realize in the next instant that time just keeps ticking by.  You won’t ever get to experience the snuggles of a sleepless newborn who insists on being in your arms.  You won’t see those gummy smiles without pearly whites shining back.  You’ll have to fight a lot harder to change your once calm little man.  You cherish the times he falls asleep in your arms and is finally restful and not kicking you while laughing.  And as hard as it is now, it’ll just continue to get harder as they continue to grow.

But then they learn some new trick like sitting up all on their very own and your heart fills with awe, wonder and love again.

It’s the constant battle of a mama.  You won’t ever be able to stop the clock from ticking but you can cherish these moments while they last.  In a way it makes you a bit more grateful for those random 2am wake-ups for while they ruin a full night’s sleep, they allow you that beloved snuggle time that is absolutely priceless.



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