Race Week: Day Before Prep

Yesterday Jack and I navigated the metro solo.  I grew up in DC riding the metro and know my way around the tracks pretty darn well.  I’ve taken Jack on the metro when he was barely 3 months old.  However, I’ve never taken him alone on the metro with a big ol’ stroller and just lil’ ol’ me.  It was an adventure to say the least.  It took us about an hour to travel down to the DC Armory for the Expo and to packet pickup.  Traveling with a stroller means I had to find the strategically hidden elevators at each of the 4 metro stops we traveled to and pray they weren’t under construction.  One was.  I looked at it, froze in panic and then headed for the escalator praying that I wouldn’t injure my child in the midst of trying to pick up a race packet.  We survived.

The Expo was fairly big. I’ve never been to one before so I only knew what I’d seen in blogs. There were lots of booths handing out samples and selling stuff.  And there were a ton of racers lining up to throw money at the vendors.  Luckily we’re po’ so the sole dollar I had in my pocket I bought a 13.1 magnet with for our car.  It’s pink.  Bry said it must remain on our refrigerator or he’s refusing to drive our car.  I tried to tell him real men wear pink drive with pink car decals but he said he already feels his masculinity declining as he rolls around with a hot pink yoga decal and a matching “baby on board” one.

The expo made me nervous and excited. There were SO many people, the energy was electric. 

This morning Bry and I put together our race gear.  I’m getting more scared as the hours tick by.  Waking up to my smiling baby boy this morning tugged at my heartstrings.  Tomorrow I won’t be here to sing him “goooooooooooooood morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning” as he smiles up at me with those baby blues.  It didn’t help when I logged onto weather.com and was faced with an updated forecast for tomorrow’s race.


What happened to the 60 degree temperatures and pure sunshine of last week?! I object. It’s going to be mighty difficult to leave my cuddly boy before sunrise to venture out in cold rain to run the longest distance I’ve ever run in my life. 

Today is going to be kept very low-key.  Setting out race day stuff, lots of water chugging and carbo-loading with cookies the size of my hand.  It counts right? Gotta fill those glycogen stores 🙂

race prep

Here’s what we’re packing and I’m wearing for race day:

-C9 by Champion sports bra from Target
-Nike Legend long sleeved t-shirt
-Brooks Women’s Infiniti Tight II
-My bib + safety pins to attach to my shirt
-ZEP calf sleeves (would not recommend these–they fray like crazy)
-Thorlos running socks
-REI 100% Nylon breathable water resistant jacket
-Gear bag (we may or may not use this to put a change of clothes in for after the race) + ziptie to close
-Asics Gel-1170s + timing chip
-My cell phone + ziplock bag to protect it from rain and sweat (I’m only bringing this because we’re leaving Jax at home and for emergencies I want my mom to be able to reach us no matter what)
-Spibelt with fuel (Sharkies, GU chomps and Shot bloks)
-Garmin 305 fully charged
-2 trash bags to wear to the race and throw away once we begin running
-Chapstick (I’m addicted)
-2 packets of sunscreen (I’m an anti-skin cancer/wrinkles nazi)

That’s it!! Less than 24 hours to go. I’m beginning to freak out….


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