Just Another Manic Monday

After our half marathon Saturday we went out to refuel at a local diner.  We spent the rest of the day in a horizontal position with ice bags over various parts of our body.  We took turns massaging topical anti-inflammatory cream on our most painful areas (ie my knees and Bry’s back).  We were out like lights by 7pm.  It was glorious.

However, Bry didn’t get his Sunday off like he was supposed to.  He had to cover someone’s shift and was up at 4:15am Sunday getting ready for work.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that Jax and I lost an entire day with daddy and one we planned to spend in the pool/hot tub, we didn’t have the usual day off to get everything in order for the following week. Bry takes the car on weekends that he works since the metro doesn’t start running until 7am on the weekends and he has to be in work at 6am.  I opened up the fridge yesterday and realized it was bare and I had no way to correct the problem.  Since I couldn’t remedy the situation I spent the day looking up more half marathons to run (I got the bug), hung out with Jack and tried to remain as horizontal as possible.

Today I really realized just how much those days off mean, not just in terms of spending time with my hubs (which is obviously the best part) and spending time as a family.  But trying to do everything for the week solo with a baby is HARD.  Big props to single parents.  Since 6am this morning it’s been go go go. It’s 3pm and so far I’ve:

-Ate breakfast
-Payed bills
-Fed & changed Jax. Times 2384091834091834031
-Played with Jax

IMG_20130314_151507Don’t mind me Jack. The important thing is you’ve discovered, and can reach, the toy basket

-4 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded
-Ironed all of Bry’s work clothes
-Cleaned the kitchen
-Cleaned our bedroom and even made the bed
-Made a week’s batch of baby food for Jack

IMG_4860Yeah mama! Fist pump!

-Ate lunch
-Cleaned the living room and straightened up Jack’s toys
-Meal planned, grocery shopped & put all the groceries away
-Cleaned the nursery
-Did the dishes
-Took out the trash

And all with just two 30 minute naps from Jackson.  Whew. I’m exhausted.  It’s SO much harder when you’re trying to do everything while entertaining a 7 month old. I need a nap. And a massage. And a bubble bath please.  I’ll settle for a glass of wine 😉

Hope you’re having a productive Monday!!


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