Six Inches

Before Jackson was born I was itching to cut my hair.  But with a big ol’ baby belly I didn’t want to chop it off and look even bigger.

IMG_4046 leveled softened

I told myself I’d wait until Jax was born and we got adjusted to becoming a family of 3.5, then I’d cut my hair.

Well, I chickened out.  With my hair getting so darn long I started looking up ways to donate it and the requirements in length to do so.  I found one place that would take it under 11 inches but even at the required 9 I was pretty far off (without cutting ALL my hair off).


A few weeks ago I went back and forth about cutting my hair.  I decided to wait until after our half marathon.  I don’t know why it was such a huge deal for me. Probably because I chopped it all off a few years ago and it took me 4 years to grow it out again. 


It’s a lot easier to chop off than to grow back.

So instead of cutting my hair, I cut my own bangs. I took a pair of kitchen scissors, pulled some hair in the front of my face and chopped.


For a few weeks it was a big enough change that I felt content. I loved my long hair and I loved the ability to let it air dry in natural loose waves. But then….the itch came back and I wanted a bigger change again.

So today, after asking every friend available whether I should take the plunge or not, I drove to the hair salon. I even turned around once on the way there because I freaked out. I was literally hyperventilating when I walked through the door. It was very unlike me. I just remembered my friend Sarah who cut her hair awhile back and how adorable it looked afterward. What was the worst that could happen? It’s only hair right? It’ll grow back. Eventually.

So I sat in the seat, got a smock (Jack sat in my lap and got his own little smock too! Adorable). And 45 minutes later I walked out 6+ inches lighter and feeling like a whole new woman.


Now let’s see if Bry recognizes me when I pick him up from work tonight 😉 (And let’s hope the itch to cut it even shorter stays at bay)


4 thoughts on “Six Inches

  1. Love it! And I am like you… chopped the bangs first in hopes to get over the itch. but hubs is really feeling particular about me having long hair (even though I do nothing but put it in a big messy ponytail/bun everyday). so I am trying to figure out something else to do to make the itch go away. right now, I am thinking a streak of pink?

    • To represent the little one?! 🙂 Bry was the opposite. He’s only ever seen me with long hair and liked the pictures of it short and wanted it short again. The biggest driving factor in chopping it was the grabby baby hands. Seriously. They. Hurt.

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