7 Months Old

2 days late but on Tuesday our little man (can’t say that for much longer) turned 7 months old! Closer to a toddler than a newborn. Closer to 1 than to birth. Where has the time gone?


I feel like each month flies by a little quicker and each month Jack adds more cool things to his resume. This month he mastered sitting up all by himself.


He went hiking for the first time.


He learned even more vowels and consonants to his ever growing repertoire (and utilizes them nonstop in his constant babble).


He began eating fruit (so far just apples, banana and pears. I mix the apples and pear with vegetables and give him banana in a mesh feeder to feed himself). His favorite combinations so far are broccoli/pear/peas and apple/sweet potato/carrots.  He especially loves avocado.


He takes naps about every 2-3 hours still and they only last about 30 minutes (unless Lily barks and ruins it all). He goes to bed about 6pm and sleeps until 6am.  He’s still waking up once during the night at about 3:30am for a feeding and changing.

He loves the outdoors whether in the Ergo or stroller. He stares out the window in the kitchen while he sits in his highchair.  He’s becoming more and more independent and would rather sit in the grocery cart than the Ergo to grocery shop. He still loves to smile and flirt with strangers and when they interact with him he gives his big ol’ smile and feigns shyness by burying his head into my chest.

He has 2 teeth: is bottom two front ones. He loves to chew on any and everything, especially my fingers which has become extremely painful because, well, he’s STRONG and his teeth are hard. Ouch.


He’s 19.6lbs (probably over 20 by now) ant 28.5″ tall according to his last appointment.  He’s getting BIG like his daddy.

He hasn’t mastered crawling yet but he sure loves to fly (AKA practice the locust position). He’s got great form and is destined to be a future yogi like his mama.


I’ve started taking him to Cuddleups at our local library where librarians read and sing to kids from 0-24 months.  Jack isn’t old enough to pay attention but he loves to interact with the people there and it’s a great way for him to socialize since he isn’t in daycare.

Lily has become one of his new best friends. He loves to let her kiss him, laughs uncontrollably at her shaking her toys and likes to pull out her whiskers.

IMG_4851“No mama, she likes it when I pull her by the collar”

My favorite thing in the world are the rare moments when he settles down enough and rests his head on my chest. It never lasts more than a few seconds but those seconds melt my heart. I love the rare occasions he sleeps in my arms but watching him sleep at all is memorizing. Sometimes I stand over his crib and just rest my hand on his chest. I take a moment to watch my peaceful, beautiful baby boy and feel his chest rise and fall. It’s in those moments I cannot believe I created something so perfect and realize yet again the miracle that he is and just how lucky we are to have him in our life.



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