Gear for the Active Mom (or Dad)

We are a very active family.  We used to take off at the drop of a hat and drive 13 miles to the tallest peak in Texas for a random weekend of hiking. We’d run for miles around the nearby lake, spend hours at the gym and bike ride during pouring rain through muddy trails.  When we became pregnant we knew some of that stuff wouldn’t be possible anymore (at least for awhile) but we knew we’d always stay active even as parents. It’s part of who we are and part of what we hope to be as a family.  We want our kids to be active, to choose sports over television, running over remote controls.  But we want them to choose an active lifestyle and the best way to do that is to lead by example.  Jack may only be 7 months old but he’s done quite a few things in those few months and we are so excited to share our loves of nature and the outdoors with our greatest love, our son.  Here’s some of the gear that we absolutely love that helps us stay active even with an immobile baby 🙂


BOB Revolution SE jogging stroller.


The mother of jogging strollers. Hefty price tag but worth every cent. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, has a large shade to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes, huge undercarriage for storage and extremely durable (trust me. We trained for our entire half marathon with this thing and put it through wind, rain, sleet and snow. It’s awesome). It also has a hand break which is great! We use it a lot when we stop and don’t want Jack drifting away or on the metro.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier


As with most nice quality, active gear this is also pretty pricey.  We love how reliable it is, quality wise.  It has great shoulder and back support so while you’re hiking with a large, wiggly weight, you aren’t in pain for hours.  The waist strap helps evenly distribute the weight so it feels even lighter and more comfortable.  The back leg comes out so you can sit the pack on the ground without it falling over.  It also has a ton of storage space for toys, bottles, food, etc.

Ergo Baby Carrier

We originally had a Baby Bjourn that was a hand-me-down from a family friend but after reading reviews about the dangers of the Bjourn, and similar carriers, for baby’s developing hips, I spent our walks holding Jax in my arms. It got heavy fast and while it was a great upper body workout it wasn’t realistic for long walks or outings.  After a lot of research I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Ergo.  It’s been AMAZING.  First, it takes all the weight off your shoulders and back and, like the Deuter, evenly distributes it using a thick waist band that is extremely comfortable. You can see the difference in baby’s comfort as well.  Jackson’s legs aren’t awkwardly shoved into a straight position but the carrier but rather are allowed in their more natural position of what I call “the frog”.  Much better for his hip development as well and this carrier is much more comfortable for mama too. It also has 2 pockets in the front that you can easily carry a bottle, wallet, cell phone, etc. in.  It has a thin hood too to cover baby from nosy strangers, sunlight, germs, etc.  It’s very easy to put on one handed too! I use this constantly from traveling through airports to grocery shopping to walks around the neighborhood.  It’s easy, convenient, comfortable for me and Jack and allows me use of both of my hands (which is a rarity these days). (I also have the moby that I used when Jax was a newborn but it was SO hard to put on without help, impossible to do one-handed and hurt my back after walking just 2 miles).


Believe me, I know just how expensive baby gear is (and babies are in general) and how the price tags alone could leave your jaw dropping.  However, I thoroughly believe we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of every single one of these items and they are well worth their (hefty) pricetags.  We’re a one income family and I’m very frugal to begin with so that’s a lot coming from me.  I highly suggest scouring Craigslist and Ebay before buying anything brand new.  We got our Ergo from Ebay for $50, our BOB from a family friend for $50 and our Deuter from Craigslist for $75.  Look and shop around but even if we did it all over again, it was worth the money for the convenience, quality and comfort.  If you’re anything like us, that time enjoying a passion of yours and experiencing it with your loved ones is worth the cost. 


*Disclaimer: We own and use all items listed above and receive no compensation for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are our own and we are in no way associated with any of the products listed above.  We’re just very happy customers 🙂 *


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