Second Pregnancy Problems

Not really “problems”, just things that I’ve realized are much harder when you’re expecting #2.

1. Morning sickness: Just like with big brother, I’ve been hit with insane morning sickness. It lasts 24 hours a day and this time around seems to peak in the middle of the night. I literally wake up from such bad nausea and spend hours tossing and turning trying not to throw up in bed. It’s horrible. The only bright light is knowing it’s a sign that baby is strong and healthy. Even if I feel weak and sick. What makes it worse the 2nd time around? You don’t have the ability to lay curled up on the couch swearing that the next time your husband has to carry the baby. You can try but inevitably little toddler hands will begin finding their way into your nose, poking your eyeballs and stealing the blankets off you while said toddler laughs maniacally thinking it’s hilarious.

2. Exhaustion: You’re the mom of a toddler. Exhaustion is an everyday word. You don’t remember what it felt like to sleep in because you’ve been inevitably blessed with an “early riser” who believes 4:30am is the optimal time to party in his crib. And you’re invited. Add on the fact that you’re now growing a small human inside of you and you cannot imagine the level of fatigue one feels (I bow down to moms of 2+ kids. You are superheroes).  All I want to do is sleep all day long, with my head hanging off the bed into a puke bucket and endless piles of bagels delivered to me. Instead I count down the moments until nap time and pass out on the couch with both ears covered with pillows hoping that my sweet overactive toddler will magically sleep for 24 hours straight. Or even 2.

3. Food aversions: Part of the lovely “morning sickness”, a misnomer obviously coined by a man who had never experienced it. The thought and sight of most foods send me dry heaving into the bathroom. Namely anything that isn’t a form of carbohydrate smothered in deliciousness. Vegetables? Gag. Fruits? Mostly gag. Chicken? Holy gag. With Jackson I was able to stay in bed all day eating bagels, chicken parmigiana and donuts. Bry was a grown man, he could fend for himself. I was growing our child after all! But now I’m a mom to a little boy who when left to his own devices eats woodchips and leaves. I have to suck it up, fight through the gagging sensations and actually make him edible food. I’ll be honest though. Sometimes he gets formula and bites of chicken parmigiana and we call it a day. I’m not perfect. 

4. Rest. & no heavy lifting: hahahaha I have a crazy, overactive 1 year old. He tops the growth charts at 25lbs and 31.5″ tall (and that was over a month ago). I carry him around constantly. He fell off his Tonka truck trying to use it as a stepping stool to the VCR. I can’t leave him crying with a reddening warrior mark on his forehead. I sweep him up and give his boo boo kisses (I don’t baby all his injuries, only the ones that would send me crying too). He got stuck between his firetruck and the TV trying to use it to see the cute baby reflected in the TV monitor. I rescue him from his entrapment. He wakes up for the day, from a nap, goes to bed. Up and down out of his crib he goes. He needs breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, up and down out of his highchair he goes. He pooped. He peed. He painted his pjs with avocado and spaghetti. There is no getting around the constant weight lifting that is being a parent. And rest? Refer to number 2.

But as many “problems” as there are when expecting number 2, there are also double the joys. You already know that you absolutely love being a parent. You can’t imagine being lucky enough to have two amazingly perfect little munchkins running around.  You know that that little blonde haired, blue eyed baby boy of yours is going to make a fantastic big brother. And you can’t wait to meet the newest member of your growing family!


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