Dusk Run

I was laying in bed at 8am waiting for Jax to wake up from his morning nap, trying not to wake up Bry who was peacefully snoring like a freight train next to me as I checked the weather. 50% chance of rain at 9am?! With my stomach growling for breakfast I decided to postpone my run to the evening. Unfortunately my mom didn’t make it over until 5pm so I started out a bit later than expected. Consequently I was running to beat the sun.

IMG_20131023_174453I felt strong on my run. I decided to go a different route. My usual one has gotten rather mundane. I was chugging along when a giant deer crossed the path and stared me down. My heart leapt into my throat. Running alone at dusk in the woods with giant wild, unpredictable animals lurking in the shadows is rather scary. Let me tell ya.

IMG_20131023_174649I completed 3.67 miles in 37:59 and felt great! A beautiful, strong fall run with my littlest babe ❤





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