Pregnancy 2: 14 Weeks

Between taking care of a toddler full time, trying to maintain some resemblance of order in our house, working part-time at the station and daily life responsibilities this pregnancy is flying by.  I feel like everyday I roll out of bed at 4am to a rocking, chattering toddler and wonder how in the world I’m going to fill his day with lots of fun.  Before I know it it’s 4pm, we’re sitting in the living room while my eyes are half closed and I’m passing him pieces of pear to finish off his dinner. I don’t know where the heck the time goes but I can assure you it’s not being spent on laundry, painting the nursery or doing anything else that desperately needs to be done around here, especially before Gummy arrives.

After 2 weeks of Nap Wars Jackson has blessed me with 2 days of 2.5 hour afternoon naps. Yesterday I was smart and tried to nap when the baby finally napped only to have the UPS guy ring our doorbell 3 times. Why they ring it at all when they’re inevitably going to leave the package and flee, leaving me with a barking, maniac of a dog and an upset, napless baby is beyond me. Sometimes I wish there was a breed of dog that couldn’t bark. I’ll gladly trade in Lily for one of those. She picks the most inopportune times to bark…then incessantly barks, growls and woofs relentlessly.

Anyway, moving on. I’m finally back in my running groove and I feel STRONG. Slow, but strong. This week I managed to fit in 2 runs, a 3.75’r and a 4 miler (on the dreadmill no less)! A pregnancy PDR (without stopping–with Jax my furthest run was a 5 mile interval run). I’m hoping to keep it up 2-3 times a week and add in some prenatal yoga. We’re going to Texas for Thanksgiving this year and running a 5 miler with my brother in law and future sister in law. My goal is to run the entire thing, and hopefully make it under an hour. We’ll see about that. Texas heat and my quickly overheating pregnant body are not friends.

20131020_052437I did a 1/4 mile walking warm up + 1/4 mile cooldown. Thank you House for passing the time.

And here we are at 14 weeks:

14 weeks

How far along? 14 weeks
Total weight gain: Up .2lbs though 3lbs under pre-pregnancy weight (currently 111lbs)

Best moment this week: A spontaneous road trip with my favorite boys
Miss Anything? Sleep
Movement: I few kits and wiggles here and there
Food cravings: Whipped cream with caramel sauce
Symptoms: A constant need to pee. Exhaustion.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, with the constant urge to cry sometimes when I see newborns, think of Jax as a big brother, etc.
Looking forward to: November 20th :)


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